ReCycle 3 for 2

  1. ReCycle 3 for 2

    Is that still being done anywhere? TF is out of stock.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ThunderPlat View Post
    Is that still being done anywhere? TF is out of stock.
    You look familiar :isee:

  3. I think Greg helped you out with this question yes?
  4. Angry

    Never found that deal again ---BUT -- today on TF there was a banner for it, but the link didn't work. I saw the banner on the home page 3 times but it never worked. Here is the link to the page that is suppossed to have 3 for 2:

    I'm guessing they put that banner in rotation by accident and they don't actually have that deal anymore.

    edit: Just saw the big banner ad again on TF. They are advertising it, but the link doesn't work!!! Reps - are they actually offering 3 for 2 again or is this a mistake??!!??!!

    And now I see that they don't even have any in stock! It's gotta be a mistake. Pisses me off for getting my hopes up. Should get a rain check or sumthin. Hmph.
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