okay to stack recycle and inhibit-E?

  1. okay to stack recycle and inhibit-E?

    Hi guys,

    I'm just wondering if it's OK to stack recycle and inhibit-E? or will it be overkill?

    right now i'm cutting, 5'8", 180 lbs, 28 y.o, around 12% BF. diet is in check (doing carb cycling), lifting weights 4 times / week, cardio 5 times/week (low intensity).

    other supps i'm using now:

    - creatine mono (3 g / day - will take a break as the powder runs out)
    - whey / BCAA
    - fish oil / flaxseed oil / coconut oil
    - recreate & alphaburn & eviscerate & TTA (for my cutting)
    - Appnut Lipo-PM (more as a sleep aid)
    - RPM pre-WO (will also take a break as the botle runs out)
    - Prime (2 months on, 1 month off, 6 caps/day)
    - Bulk Supercissus
    - glucosamine & chondroitine
    - Liver assist XT (for general liver health)
    - general supps (vit.C, multi, potassium, etc)
    - Inhibit-E (will be doing 4 weeks, 2/2/1/1)

    I read somewhere in the forum that increase test might help fat loss significantly. that's why i'm asking this.

    thanks very much

  2. Almost forgot, never use PH / AAS, do not plan to. I just want to add more muscle / slash bodyfat without sacrificing my health.


  3. Got a lot of supps running there

    No there would be no problems running Recycle with an ATD product. Would actually be a nice addition to the AI for boosting Test.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  4. Thx very much!

  5. Yes I know, lots of supps. I will cut all the fat burners after I finish the cutting cycle.
    While I researched all the supps before using them, sometimes
    I 'm still afraid all these supps will kill me someday LOL (knock on wood)
    Thas why I had bloodwork test every 6-12 months LOL

  6. Good to hear it from you, good luck!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TipTopShape View Post
    Good to hear it from you, good luck!


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