First cycle need help

  1. First cycle need help

    I'm about to take my first ph (halovar) and it might sound stupid but was wondering if I could still take creatine while on halovar. Ps this is my first post so any help would be appreciated.

  2. Yes, you can still take creatine.

  3. agree with guy above but would be better if u saved it for pct to help maintain your gains that u make on the cycle...btw im on a stanalone cycle of halovar as we speak so any more questions?

  4. Wats ur dosage? and wat r u using in ur PCT?

  5. I'm just doing 50 for 4 weeks then recycle.

  6. You should definately research the ph and the pct for it before you start. there's no point in spending the time and money to run a cycle that you'll make decent gains on, just to turn around and lose them due to a crappy pct... or worse, develope gyno or other unwanted sides. research Pct and what support supps you should take to make the best gains and keep them. you'll be doing the favor for yourself. google "proper pct". That's a good place to start.

  7. Halovar is pretty mild so I wouldn't need a serm right?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Key405 View Post
    Halovar is pretty mild so I wouldn't need a serm right?
    I am a very pro-SERM person, so if you can get one I would use one. There is no such thing as a SERM being oevrkill in PCT.

    However it also depends on your dosing. 50mg x 4 weeks is pretty low and an OTC PCT is probably ok.

    It is mild on side effects but I have seen some blood work showing it suppress Testosterone pretty low, as all steroids do.
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  9. save the creatine for pct. Ph up blood pressure, and so does creatine also another reason to drop it till pct
  10. Wink

    being on cycle of a PH/DS actually helps in the uptake of creatine. i would run 10-15mg while on cycle, it will help with the size and strength gains and back pumps A LOT.

    i'm also PRO-SERM. it's the best of the best, a SERM along with a test booster is the best PCT you can have. i heard recycle is a great test booster


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