Epol Wow! need PCS etc.

  1. Epol Wow! need PCS etc.

    (I had submitted a similar post under PCS but feel I may get more response here)
    Recently I inquired to an acquaintance of mine (he is a body builder) about otc supplements that really work. He mentioned E-pol to me and I figured he was "in the know." I didn't really expect much but I gave it whirl. Wow!!! In about 3 weeks I went from approx. 167 lbs. to approx. 180! (incidentally, I was taking T-Bomb II with it). (no increase in fat)
    When I went online to purchase more I found out about the ban and started realizing how serious this stuff was. This initiated the hours and hours of research I've been doing here. Through my research I have realized how many mistakes I have made...particularly regarding PCT. Although there are many conflicting opinions online, I have been trying to sift through the information so I can make some smarter decisions in the future and hopefully salvage what I can from my initial obliviousness.
    I have been off (and I kind of tapered the dose off, which I have since read is not recommended---not sure though) about 2 weeks now. It "seems" the most recommended Serm for this product (which I learned is Superdrol and Tren) is Nolva, although a number of others are often mentioned. As far as otc products go, Purus Recycle and Anabolic Innovations Post Cycle Support seem to get a lot of respect around here. I have a number of questions, and would appreciate any help, as the longer I research and learn...the more likely it will be too late to try to stabilize my system, prevent potential unpleasant sides, and salvage my gains (definitely don't want shutdown).
    1) Is Nolva likely the best to use after Epol?
    2) I know the rules about recommending sources for such research products. Is it against the rules to list any that are known as bogus?
    3) When I do google for it, any tips, red flags etc. to keep an eye out for??
    4) How much would I need (of the serm) per Epol Cycle? Pill or liquid?
    5) Any guess on the percentage of bogus products/websites vs. legitimate out there? (I have no clue how particular or careful I need to be, the pressure is on you know).
    6) I own a business and have a wife and two young children, not looking to get in trouble for buying research products. What is the likely hood of that?
    7) If I am unsuccessful in aquiring a serm, should I still get on a test booster or will that just cause my natural test. production to stay repressed? I have a bottle of Novadex XT (not the serm Nolva), should I start taking that (haven't heard much good about it)? Recommendations please!!

    PS. I'm 38 years old, been working out since high school. The gains I made on this product have really opened my eyes. Because of the very real positive effects I've experienced, I cannot deny (and fear) the potential negative effects that could accompany products like this if not used appropriately.
    I have experienced no "obvious" negative effects as of yet.
    I am hoping all goes well and pursue future cycles being well armed with information.

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    PM me bro, please!
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  4. When taking something like Epol, is it advisable to taper the dosage off towards the end?
    The website won't let me PM anyone until I have made a few more posts.

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    When taking something like Epol, is it advisable to taper the dosage off towards the end?
    The website won't let me PM anyone until I have made a few more posts.

  6. keep your dosage for epol the same throughout the entire cycle, tapering and pyramiding doesn't work

  7. Nice article bro! Hope to update us again.

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    Nice article bro! Hope to update us again.


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