Hey everyone, i promised i'd give a review when i was done so here it is:

    The cycle:

    EPOL- 1 cap aday for 2 and 1 day (15mg of SD and 30mg of Tren)
    XTREN-added 1 cap aday on the 2nd week (30mg of Tren)
    last 2 weeks 3 caps aday (totaling 90mg of Tren)

    Support Supps: AI's Cycle support, PP's Toco 8, Sustain Alpha, P5P, Vitex

    PCT: Purus Recycle, AI's Life Support, PP's Toco8, Sustain Alpha, Endomax,
    IBE Formex, liquid nolva 20/20/10/10

    Supplements: ON Whey, Casein
    Cytosport Muscle Milk
    Universal Animal Pak
    CL's PurpleWrath, Whiteflood, Gycergrow, GreenMag
    LG's GHenerate, I-GH-1
    Nutraplanet Fishoil, Kwik Carb, Glutamine
    PP's BCAA
    Vitamin C

    starting weight: 165lbs
    ending weight:176lbs +11lbs

    biggest strength gain was my bench, which is my weakest lift. went from just being able to lift 225lbs to repping it 8x and maxing at 295lbs.

    Extremely clean diet. kept it around 4000cal around 40%pro, 30%fat, 30%carb.
    Protein sources: 93/7 beef, boneless skinless chicken breast, wild salmon, canned white tuna, whey, casein.
    Carb sources: oatmeal, wholegrain bread, green vegi's, fruits.
    Fat sources: natty pb, olive oil, soybean oil, canola oil, flaxseed

    Gains: I honestly believe most of my gains came from EPOL and the Tren just made it solid. I gained 11 solid pounds with ZERO fat gain. Very noticable too! people couldnt stop commenting on my size. haha

    Pumps: one word INSANE! never ever felt pumps like this before! SOLID

    Side Effects: not bad at all. Nipples got sensitive but support supps helped. Libido was normal but the Sustain Alpha may have helped. I woke up with a woody almost every morning! Didnt get lethargic but that may because I use Whiteflood for preworkout and i like coffee. the only thing i can complain about was the back and calf pumps! Lower back got pretty pumped during deadlifts and squats and calves would get extremly painful during runs and walks. I didnt have trouble sleeping, no night sweats.. nothing! so thats good too!

    OVERALL EPOL is definitely a solid product! 10/10 for sure! and the XTren was also good!

    any questions, just ask =]

  2. good review bro

  3. Greeat stuff RR!!! Appreciate it.

  4. Greeat stuff RR!!! Appreciate it.

  5. Congrats man! looks like a good run
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