Halovar cycle

  1. Halovar cycle

    Just wanted to update my halovar expierience. ran 50 mg for 1st 17 days then upped it to 75. Im thinking 5 weeks 5 days which will finnish 2 bottles. Im up 9 lbs so far(175 to 184) all muscle. Strength gains are simply unbelievable.
    Squat went from 225 x 10 to 295 x 9
    and all other lifts up as well. No sides maybe a bit of aggression.
    Some advice to others DRINK WATER every gram of carb pulls over 4 grams of water into the cell with it. Your water consumption needs to increase. I overlooked this at first and had a down day where i lost weight and strength. I read another posters expierience claiming he needed 1.5 gallons a day.I ve made the adjustments and have really exploded the last few days. Im feeling pumped all day even on off days.DRINK AS MUCH WATER AS U CAN. It may have even increased my appetite, not sure if its attributed but appetite has been up.

    Some backround info Im 40 yo been lifting since im 17 on-off,mostly on.
    This is my first ph. Ive tried every supp, diet, and workout that has looked worth trying. Ive had results ranging from great to horrible in all of the 3 categories. So for me 9 lbs muscle in 3 weeks is truly appreciated. Im including this info for the young beginners on this board who want to jump in and stack everything right away.
    Make sure u learn what diet/supps/workout works for u first. You cant learn this while you are ON because anything will work. Also young beginners can grow naturally, when you have had good results and understand diet and workout physiology then add ph's.

    some questions for advanced users.
    My doctor has put me on testosterone replacement therapy about 5 years now. My free test was low (8) and with a little andro gel its about (35) Its an anti-aging /quality of life thing not a bodybuilding thing. and it has improved my energy/drive/libido. I feel like im 25 in the aftermentioned categories.
    I also take Arimidx ( ai inhibitor ) to lower my estrogens.
    So my question is how will this affect my pct ?
    Should I make adjustments while im on ?
    Im guessing tapering off /down the Arimidex and going to nolvadex for pct.
    Im guessing if I took a highly androgenic compond in the future I would consider stopping androgel while on and restarting in pct ?
    Well for any 40+ yearolds I encourage hormone replacement theraphy for drive/energy / libido quality of life. It's becomming more popular and seemingly almost all men by age 40 can bennifit.
    Thanks in advance to any responses and ill post my final results in 2-3 weeks.

  2. WOW just got back from gym 188.8 lbs! Tuesday i was 183. Been drinking much more water since then. Im not bloated at all its all intracellular, pumped beyond imagination.strength up a bit more,all in all, insane. I was hoping to hit 190lbs by the end of 5 weeks would have been happy with 185. 189 is heaviest ive ever been, so im right there now with 3 weeks of halovar. In the past it took 4 months of 4 two week bulk ups seperated by 4 2 week diets to get to that weight and i was quite bloated even though bodyfat was probaly a little lower.
    Will run this again in the summer in conjunction with Duchaines Bodyopus diet ( which already causes NO muscle loss/a bit of muscle gain while dieting if done right )

  3. Wow great detail and write up on the review. Appreciate that very much.
    If you are already on replacement dosages of testosterone..... in reality there is no need for a PCT as the goal of PCT is to restart natural testosterone levels and since yours are basically already shut down there may be no reason to run PCT. Post up that question in the Anabolics section and see what some of the smarter guys have to say about this one.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  4. In for the remainder of the cycle.........

    so your at 75mg ED now? Feel any different than 50mg?

  5. In it!! Great strength results so far.. Im always looking for a good product to make me a tad bit stronger
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS View Post
    In for the remainder of the cycle.........

    so your at 75mg ED now? Feel any different than 50mg?
    I think 75mg is much better than 50mg IMO.
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  7. Cant say for sure because strength and weight keep going up everyworkout. The gains are very gradual but consistent. I dont know if i would have leveled off if i stood at 50. I was still getting gains at day 17 on 50mg. thats why i ran 50 for 17 days ( about half the cycle length ) Alot of guys seemed to jump up to 75 in a week or less. that being said I jumped up 5lbs in 5 days just after bumping up to 75 so who knows.
    In the beginning libido seemed up a bit. seemed like it dropped off after 75 at first. lately its been more up and down day to day, nothing drastic but worth mentioning.
    Hit legstoday and got 295 x 10 new best .next week onto 305
    tried the no xplode nt today 1st time 1 pack and itt destroyed my stomach couldnt drink much water during workout and couldnt finnish post workout shaake. weight was 185. I ussualy drink half gallon + of water dring workout but today i had no thirst so thats not helping weight or progress. tough set back. arms and shoulders tommorow and alot of turkey thursday.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Grambo View Post
    I think 75mg is much better than 50mg IMO.
    I wouldnt recommend less than 75 for anybody other than an absolute beginner who didnt belong on designers but was determined to take one. Seems like a waste of a cycle and support supps to stay so low and hope for results.

  9. Well i finished my cycle 2 days ago. End results were 12 lbs.( 175 to 187 ) very dry cant find my skinfold caliper but im confident that bodyfat went down just a bit, maybe 1%, which is fine by me. id describe my diet as a lean bulk, i never pushed the calories but i didnt miss meals either. I ate fairly clean but I had plenty of cheat meals so mostly the halovar did the work. My last day was a leg day and i squatted 315 x 7 same as prior workout. personal best by a few reps. my joints also felt good thruought the cycle ( is their some cortisol suppression with this compound ?)
    also got 225 x6 on the benchpress which i havent gone that heavy with because of my shoulder, however during my cycle all my joints felt great.
    the no xplode nt really did a 2 day number on my stomach. That and taking the thanksgiving weekend off set me back alot. I went from 188 to 182 and with 10 days left on the cycle i was playing catchup during last week and didnt get my rhythm back untill the very end.
    So my pct (as stated above im on test replacement theraphy ) will concentrate on keeping the mass and preparing my body for my next run ( probaly m14 e , im a little scared of superdrol because a co worker just had surgery to remove his gyno, so im going to have to research it first and understand exactly what is causing the gyno before im comfortable trying to prevent it, im not comfortable with someeone telling me here take this it works for gyno). I took a ton of antioxidants vits herbs etc while on and will continue them all in pct. going to doctor for full bloodworkup monday had baseline work about 3 months ago. if anything worth posting comes back, i will post it here.
    Lastly, i would just convey to other beginners/1st timers with pro hormones that this was a great expierience, Sides were mostly none, and if i did it again my only change would be better prep, and by that I mean not adding a new compound in the middle ( no xplode nt ) Its not the time to expirement because you are gambiling with this great window of oppertunity.Have everything decided and ready to go( my no xplode nt came and was actually regular no-xlode so i had to send it back and lost a week of pre workout sup, not cool when you are in the middle of a cycle geting great results )


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