Ordered e-pol...but did I get ripped off?!

  1. Ordered e-pol...but did I get ripped off?!

    So i got my bottles of e-pol and halovar.

    I noticed the bottles were sealed with plastic wrap around the lids. I took the lid off and noticed the opening of the bottle had NO SEAL on top.

    Usually most of the ph I've gotten have had a seal or sticker thing on the top of the bottle that you peel off, to make sure that no one has tampered with the contents.

    Did I get ripped off? Or do all of the purus lab supplement bottles not have seals on top?


  2. Did you buy it from a retailer? jw

    You are good to go though buddy! That is how they are packaged. If it had cotton in it and the plastic was 100% intact then you are good. There is no seal on under the lid as the lid is already a great seal if you look under it.

    The cap should have been a little tougher to pop off that first time too.
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  3. sometimes the seals come off inside the cap when you twist off. Did you check that?
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  4. It's a crush cap, you are good.

  5. thats how my halovar was. red pill



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