1. Question NastyMass/EPOL?

    Directions on both say to take 1 capsule prior to high carb meal and then 1 capsule immediately post-workout?? I've taken MANY PH's and I've never taken one post workout, I would always make sure to have all servings prior to workout. I know that after a workout the next 45-60mins are crucial since the "anabolic window" is open and will soak up nutrients like a dry sponge in a rainstorm but what is your opinion on taking a PH post-workout? Wouldn't you want to get the servings in prior to working out like I work out typically 6pm every night so I normally take a serving first thing in the morning w/breakfast and then I take the other serving 45mins-hour before working out. What's the benefit of taking a PH post workout?? Little help please? PL Reps?

    *Used during separate cycles, not together*

  2. Got your PM but figured it would be best to add in here.

    The reason it says certain times during the day is because it has some insulin mimetics in it that help shuttle nutrients to the muscles. It is best to dose before a decent ssized carb meal (hence post workout).

    Other than that there is no real reason to have your dosages all before your workout or any particular time of day really. Usually just dosing twice a day is the best as most have half lives around 8-14hours.

    Don't make it too complicated
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  3. So is it more beneficial to take a capsule post workout? I guess I'm just confused from prior use of ph's since most say to take spread throughout the day but mainly to get in2 your system prior to your workout to really feel the effects. And I worried that taking it post workout would cause it to just not assist me the following day in relation to my workout.

    Thanks for the help!

  4. I've many times taken it post workout. Doing so now with Halovar. There is no decrease in efficacy at all, there is no reason to really have all you dosages in before your workout this stuff doesn't work instantly so as long as you are keeping levels rather stable you will be good to go. If you like how you door now just try to take them with a carb meal, no problems there.

  5. Ok gotcha! I started nasty mass yesterday and I took a capsule @ noon w/lunch and then I worked out @ 5:30pm then took the 2nd capsule post workout which was around 7:30pm. I've used many ph's over the past +5 years and I'm 230lbs is 2 capsules going to be sufficient enough or should I up it to 3 capsules/day?

  6. I'd stick with 2 for now maybe later in the cycle think about upping it but I don't think it will be necessary

  7. Ok will do, I appreciate the help!


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