Need E-pol help

  1. Need E-pol help

    I am 3 days away from finishing my 4 week cycle of e-pol at 2 pills a day and I have started getting real sore around my nipples, and they have also gotten a little swollen. I want to know what is the best route to go. I have nolva and recycle set up for pct. I have also read that nolva does nothing in the case for reversing gyno as much as protecting against it. I was researching into letro maybe????? oh yea I do not have any lumps under the nipples, just sore and slightly swollen. Any help would be great, thanx

  2. First.....forget the last 3 days and head into PCT using your Nolva and Recycle. Sensitivity sometimes happens with exogenous hormones particularly "tren" 3,4-estra products. Nolva will help reduce gyno and help stop it if you have gotten some. Without a lump I would not be overly concerned but if you want to be on the safe side you could get some letro to use if things don't start getting better while on the nolva.

    Glad to know you researched and have Nolva on hand for PCT and this type of instance.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  3. what should I run my nolva at as far doseages and should be split doseage or all at one time.

  4. All at once is fine. Do 40 the first day or 2....then 20/20/10/10
    Head Purus Labs Rep

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