hmax dosing... split it up or all at once?

  1. hmax dosing... split it up or all at once?

    So obviously the original Halodrol was ONE 50 mg tablet daily. Well our great friends from Prometabolix helped to get us HMAX which has 25mg tabs.

    Would it make any sense to split the does up to 1 cap, 2x daily? Any added benefit to 2 tabs once a day? Would it be worse?

    I'm thinking I'm nuts and once daily is probably what should be done, but just curious if there are other takes on this.

  2. I'd divide the dose. Can't hurt.

  3. I don't think you have to divide it, but it can't hurt. When I go on it, I am going to take it all at once.I'll be taking enough pills on a cycle

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