Prometabolix New Fat loss/Energy supplement

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  1. I was thinking ANNIHALATE!

  2. i think it should have something to do with energy or fat burning or metabolism.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by AndroAnarchy
    i think it should have something to do with energy or fat burning or metabolism.
    Agreed. Just wanted to have a bit more fun with the Poopers idea; a name undoubtedly ready for overwhelming market acceptance.


  4. what's your obssession with poop? lol

  5. Quote Originally Posted by AndroAnarchy
    what's your obssession with poop? lol
    Actually, the original suggestion wasn't mine. The truth be told - I'm not much on poop. Although I don't much like the sound of it, I jumped on the poop badwagon just long enough to keep the name "going" (no pun intended).

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Prometabolix
    I still am deciding.
    there may be more than one winner.
    if I splice together names from different people.
    Like Methyl-Ripped-Poopers?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by canadian champ
    Like Methyl-Ripped-Poopers?
    You have to admit, it has a catchy sound; almost incendiary.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Beau
    You have to admit, it has a catchy sound; almost incendiary.
    Ya man, just imagine what the bottle would look like. Hell, if a company can call their product Jungle Warfare, Methyl-Ripped-Poopers sounds like one helluva good bet.

  9. MetaBurn

  10. Def-Ignition or...
    Redefined or...
    Def-Ignition Refined

  11. so who won?

  12. Leanergy Shoxxx XL
    Mondo Inferno
    8-Pak Riot
    L-Leanosine ExphosFat

  13. Prometaburn!

  14. What are the ingredients?

  15. I like Redefined so far.
    excellent choice.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Prometabolix
    I like Redefined so far.
    excellent choice.
    Thanks for the consideration. Is the contest still going or did you pick my submission?

  17. In case it's still going, I just came up w/ another possible name....


    Kind of like a night train that moves quickly and is heard but barely seen as it's flying past....combined with the concept of being "ignited" by the product w/ the will and energy to train hard.

    Maybe this one is a reach, but popped into my head, so I thought I might as well suggest it.

    I just now came up w/ another name...maybe for some future bulking product, by the nature of the name or maybe for this product...I think it sounds kind of sweet...

    "Exponential Potential" The theme is that this product will help give you the chance to take your development to levels beyond anything you've experienced thus far.

  18. vicarious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. So, is the contest still going or do we have a winner?

  20. I like Prometabolix Xtreme or...

    Prometabolix Recomp/recomposition...

    Prometabolix ErgoBurn....hmmm I'm thinking....

  21. Striated!

  22. Sculpt
    Sculpter 1.0
    Sculpt X
    Sculpt max

  23. So, when is the new product estimated to come out?

  24. Adrenalean
    Rapid Fire

  25. Any idea on the dates I asked about? Even a ball park time frame would be cool.

  26. The final CUT
    Shredded dreams
    Lean BOD
    Body Blaze
    Mega Heat
    Internal Flame
    Body Spark
    Hot LAVA!~

  27. SHRxEAD

    That would look like an Rx pharmacy symbol, not just a capital r and lower case x. A catchy slogan might be something like "Shed with SHRxEAD" or the more hip "Get your shread on...get on SHRxEAD!" I kinda like that one better, personally.

  28. lean out

  29. nobody has one this thing yet?
  30. Question Is this contest happening or now???

    Prom. said he was waiting til the product came out but I don't know if there's an ETA for the product yet. I'm curious, too. If I end up winning, I hope some of this stuff isn't

    Here it is about a month after my last post and there's still no answer. I emailed Prom. via the store's website a few days ago and haven't heard a word about it. Now, I can't even post additional comments because the threat won't let me. My only way was to edit this thread.

    Anyway, what happened to this contest? We all submitted tons of ideas and now it appears to have come to a grinding halt. I'd kinda like to know who won. Whoever wins prob. won't be able to buy any pmax or hmax w/ their store credit because it will most likely be all gone by then....
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