Megadrol testers wanted 5 please.

  1. sent you my request. Let me know, Thanks.
    Proud Owner of:

  2. Thumbs up

    I'm here for you bro!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Would fit right in my schedule. E-mail sent!

  4. Just sent you an email.

  5. emailed.

    but interested FOR SURE!!

  6. I wonder when they will decide? I look forward to trying this stuff!
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  7. I'm willing to test Megadrol. Let me know.

  8. Im Worthyy Mahnggg!!!!
    And Pumpeddddd

    Age: 21
    Weight: 270
    Height: 6'1
    Bodyfat %: 21

    Started Lifting At The Tender Age Of 16.

    Get At Me!

  9. i'm game, lmk

  10. I sent you an email for testing Megadrol....thanks.

  11. me too

  12. email sent.

  13. I would like to try it
    past A/S and prohormone exp
    former wrestler and currently training for MMA

    able to keep detailed dietlog and training log

  14. i would like to try it....

  15. im your huckleberry,would like to test
  16. Talking

    I'll test it out for sure. I'm just looking at getting some superdrol anyway.

    Big T

  17. I sent e-mail would like to test it out!!

  18. Would love to be a tester, sent email.

  19. Did you guys pick your testers, and if so, are there any results up yet?

  20. Pickin them tonight finally been hectic around here.

    Results should be posted soon next week.

  21. I emailed my mailing info....thanks.

  22. No problem on the time. Trust me, I understand being busy. I sent my e-mail. Thank you.


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