Who are these guys

  1. Who are these guys

    I have never heard of these folks.

  2. Not an entirely new company as I have been around for a couple years now.
    I hardly made our products available online until very recently.
    We basically sold to store fronts only to keep price integrity up and help out the small business owner.

  3. also the 2 kids in my avatar are my 2 lovely children Liam and Sophia.

  4. are they for sale?

  5. maybe if we methylate them...seems like if you add a methyl group to anything it sells nowadays.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MaynardMeek
    are they for sale?
    LMAO hilarious man. well welcome to the boards, now time to go check out what you got to offer.

  7. can i get an estimate on your megadrol purity? looks like a good price and if it stacks up id be quite interested. i know its a little late in the game but any chance of releasing a last second 2-ene product for really cheap?

  8. I have a lil bit, lil bit.
    I will be adding more SKUS (bulk stuff) soon.
    Also will be running a lil promo from my bro Dave at BSL.

  9. well, seeing as how the megadrol is not exactly my product , it shall be easy to get a purity coa for ya from the people , not me, who manufacture this.

  10. Maybe I am paranoid but to me in this day and age you can never be too careful.

    Might not be the best thing to do with pics of the children thier names, you name, your business name etc.

    Not too difficult to hone in on more detailed info about you and your family.

    I wont say how a person can find out that and a whole lot more by simply surfing but I hope you get the idea.

    Just thought I would mention this with so many sickos out there now.

    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  11. i feel you.
    yes, there is a website where you can look up sexual ********s in your area, and we found about 10 convicted child molesters within a 5 mile radius.

  12. I'm sorry , but no 2-ene in bulk at all.
    sources are drying up, but I sure am gonna be loaded with drol caps

  13. BSL (Black Star Labs) Xtreme Formulations.
  14. figures for megadrol

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Prometabolix
    I have a lil bit, lil bit.
    I will be adding more SKUS (bulk stuff) soon.
    Also will be running a lil promo from my bro Dave at BSL.
    Dave is a damn good guy, let us know what you are selling of his


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