Cannibal Ferox (30 servings)
Cannibal Ferox (30 servings)


Chaos and Pain

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Rating: 4.62 out of 5 stars, based on 26 total reviews.
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Cannibal Ferox (30 servings)

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  1. 4/5

    Thank you to Chaos and Pain for sending me a sample of There Cannibal Ferox Pre-Workout.

    Taste 5/5
    I got the Lawless LemonLime, and it taste GREAT, not to sweet, but not to tart either. No aftertaste just a nice smooth enjoyable refreshing drink.

    Mixability 5/5
    It mixed very well in cold water in a shaker cup, no Grit no Floaties

    Workout Reaction 3/5
    I must admit I was a bit worried with all the caffeine in this product I thought I might feel "Cracked Out" but I did not, energy was great, focus on point and no crash so 5/5 my only complaint was in the pump dept. I have a had time getting a good pump and when I do I love it, this product failed to take me to pump city.

    Over all a Great Supplement for energy and focus a little disappointing (at least for me) in the pump department.

  2. 5/5

    Here is what went down:

    Pre Workout:

    I took 1/2 of the sample packet I had. The whole packet was supposed to be 1 serving, BUT I was wary of taking 450mg of caffeine in one shot. My normal max is about 200. Anything over that gets me a little jittery and heart pounding.


    Tasted freaking amazing. It was the "Mango Mutilation" falvor. Usually with that much caffeine I notice some supps have a bitter taste but not here. I was pleasantly surprised.


    Mixed well. No clumps or left over sludge in the cup. Used about 8-10 oz of water.


    This is where I was a bit surprised. I waited about 20min before heading to the gym, expecting the caffeine to hit hard. But no dice. Energy came on really smooth considering the profile and was surprisingly clean throughout. I wonder if the addition of Noopept and N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine somehow smoothed over the stims?


    I ended up doing 20min low/moderate intensity cardio, then switched to about 20min of hill intervals (treadmill incline). After that I expected to be tired but I wasn't.

    Still rearing to go, I rocked out about 60-70 weighted ab curls on the ab machine, and followed that up with wide pull ups (focus on lats), doing a reverse pyramid on sets of 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

    I'm sitting here writing this now and I feel mentally alert and like I could keep going strong...hopefully this won't keep me up all night lol

    Anyway, that's all folks.


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