Cannibal Ferox (30 servings)
Cannibal Ferox (30 servings)


Chaos and Pain

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Rating: 4.63 out of 5 stars, based on 27 total reviews.
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Cannibal Ferox (30 servings)

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  3. 5/5

    Taking ferox is like mandy combined with insane focus. The nootropics offer a "feel good" too!
  4. 4/5

    Ok, So here goes my first review on the forum.

    I've run through 1 box of Cannibal Ferox, along with two boxes of Cannibal Perma Swole (Then only; Swole)
    I've done other pre-workouts/Stim-fatburners, but this had the over all highest scores allready looking at the ingredients.

    I had the taste "luminous lemon ice". Not really a good flavour, and to do it better I stacked it with the apple taste from Swole...tasted like wrong made alcohol, but what the hell?!
    I don't really give a F... about taste, it all went down, every time!

    Well, don't really know what to expect of so many stimulants, but I did expect a little more. One 1+1/2 scoop it did almost nothing, except stopping me from falling asleep.

    At 2 scoops + 400mg caffeine pills, it gave me sweaty back, stomache pain, I became dizzy, and a really jumping heart beat. But the workout was insane tho!

    I did usually manage to sleep even tho I trained at the evening and did 1,5 scoop, about 4 hours later. But I wouldn't recommend it.

    I bought it at Nutraplanet when it did cost 27$, which seemd to me like the best PWO you could get for the sum. That price is not anymore, and I wish it was.


    I Would prob buy it one more time to play a little more with the dosing. But I'm not really impressed by it. Then again, I thick it mostly has something to do with my recations to stims. If I was to dose it at 2 scoops every time, it would be pretty expencive.
    For others, I would recommend to try it before you judge it either way.

  5. I recently finished my tub of Cannibal Ferox (2nd edition). I had quality experience with customer service, and was pleased to grab two sample packs (1 scoop for each sample) of Luminous Lemon Ice and Watermelon Warmachine, after asking for a few to sample the new flavors. This pre-workout is awesome and the following is my review:

    Flavor: 4/5 - Both flavors were really good, watermelon reminded me of really watered down watermelon jolly rancher. Lemon was like a yellow Starburst with a little metallic after taste.

    Effect: 5/5 - The blend of ingredients as a whole is awesome. The Noopept and Caffeine work perfectly for focus and energy. This has been the only pre-workout that has delivered on its claims with me. I have tried ECA stacks, big brand pre-workouts, and combining just Noopept with Caffeine, but the Cannibal Ferox ingredients work synergistically and really boost focus more than anything.

    Mixability: 5/5 - Mixes extremely well, whether you put 4oz or 24oz of water.

    I will be buying this in the near future, as it is well worth the money and leaves you thinking clearer with no jitters. One scoop was well dosed, and the tub of 30 servings lasted me a couple months.

    I even used the pre-workout on days I had a busy work schedule, had to meet or network with other professionals, or when I had any interviews or times I would need to be particularly social / socially aware.
  6. 5/5

    The new Ferox is new and ****in' improved. The first thing one will notice right off the bat is the taste. I got the Strawbloody flavour and It was delicious. No need to have to worry about choking it down. It also mixes very well, leaving very little sediment. I found that it did not hit as hard as the previous incarnation, but it packs that Chaos and Pain punch, nonetheless. It zoned me right in, which is great because it makes you wanna go ****in' nuts and break ****, hit people and lift heavy things and put them back down through the floor. Makes women swoon and men cower.

    Taste: 8
    Mixability: 9
    Effectiveness: 11

  7. All I have to say...if you're lacking energy get this. Period.

    Taste of strawbloody kiwi is amazing!
  8. 5/5

    The strongest/most effective preworkout for me personally and I've tried 30+

    This thing rocks and the strawberry kiwi is the best!
  9. 4/5

    I ran with this when i used to do early am workouts at 500/530, gave me a great pump and really woke me up to focus on the workout. I really liked the focus and intensity it gave me. I also really liked that ferox lists the ingredients and doesn't list the propriety blend so you know exactly what your getting.

    one thing to know about this product is that its pretty potent and I'm very stim tolerant. So don't get in over your head and double the servings, if anything i would take half a serving and see how you react to it.
  10. 5/5

    This is my final review/impression for Chaos and Pain's premier pre workout Cannibal Ferox. Thanks again guys for the logging opportunity!

    Cannibal Ferox as most of you know is a pretty intense looking pre, and the version I received is the newest the brand has put out (this is the version without AMP citrate). Other than the non-stim pre Cannibal Swole, it is Chaos and Pain's primary pre workout product. I used this over the course of a few weeks prior to my weight sessions which ended up being in the evening or very early morning. I'll be rating Ferox based on Value, Taste/Mixibility, Ingredients, and Performance.

    VALUE (5/5): I received the product free to log, but looking around online I found it at most retailers in the 30 dollar range. I think this is fair considering the Ferox is dosed at enough for a month of workouts and even more depending on the dosage.

    TASTE/MIXING (5/5): First off, kudos to Chaos and Pain for leaving the coloring dyes out of the equation. I really dislike seeing companies pour dyes into their flavored products. The taste of Ferox was a smooth, non overpowering lemonade that I actually looked forward to drinking. I had no issues mixing the powder in a shaker bottle or with a spoon.

    INGREDIENTS (4/5): Already huge points here just for the transparent dosages listed. What a potent blend of stims and nootropics mixed together! Awesome addition of Noopept, I really liked seeing a nootropic of that level added to a pre workout. One critique I have is the caffeine is at a whole 450 mg per scoop, which made it a little difficult to dose at first because my sweet spot is usually between 3-400 mg. Also, I loved the citrulline and the dosage, but would liked to see another pump ingredient or two added. Other than those critiques, I think the formula was unique and more geared toward the energy and focus aspect.

    PERFORMANCE (4.5/5): LOVED my workouts while on the Ferox.. Stuff was excellent to say the least. Focus and aggression were on point, at times I felt like I had just taken something hormonal with the aggression I would get in the gym! No surprise I had great focus too, considering the type of stims and nootropics included in the formula. Sometimes I would take like 1/4 or less of a scoop prior to work/studying for that extra focus it would give. Although there wasn't too much pump ingredients, I typically achieved a nice pump from my workouts but I think it was more from the mind-muscle connection I would get. I would have liked to stack this with a non stim pump product, as the effects probably would have been awesome.

    Like I mentioned, workouts with the Ferox were aggressive and fun, leading to some nice strength increases on days I was really amped up, and I noticed more power/strength especially on leg and chest days. Went up probably around 10-20 lbs on various lifts which I think is a pretty good amount. I had increased my calorie/carb intake recently also so could be a contributing factor too. Overall though, I think that aggressiveness helped out on some of the big lifts.

    OVERALL (5/5): Think enough said on this pre guys.. Something I will definitely add into my rotation of pre's but also something I think needs to be cycled off for awhile to keep that intensity and edge fresh.
  11. 4/5

    Thank you to Chaos and Pain for sending me a sample of There Cannibal Ferox Pre-Workout.

    Taste 5/5
    I got the Lawless LemonLime, and it taste GREAT, not to sweet, but not to tart either. No aftertaste just a nice smooth enjoyable refreshing drink.

    Mixability 5/5
    It mixed very well in cold water in a shaker cup, no Grit no Floaties

    Workout Reaction 3/5
    I must admit I was a bit worried with all the caffeine in this product I thought I might feel "Cracked Out" but I did not, energy was great, focus on point and no crash so 5/5 my only complaint was in the pump dept. I have a had time getting a good pump and when I do I love it, this product failed to take me to pump city.

    Over all a Great Supplement for energy and focus a little disappointing (at least for me) in the pump department.
  12. 5/5

    Here is what went down:

    Pre Workout:

    I took 1/2 of the sample packet I had. The whole packet was supposed to be 1 serving, BUT I was wary of taking 450mg of caffeine in one shot. My normal max is about 200. Anything over that gets me a little jittery and heart pounding.


    Tasted freaking amazing. It was the "Mango Mutilation" falvor. Usually with that much caffeine I notice some supps have a bitter taste but not here. I was pleasantly surprised.


    Mixed well. No clumps or left over sludge in the cup. Used about 8-10 oz of water.


    This is where I was a bit surprised. I waited about 20min before heading to the gym, expecting the caffeine to hit hard. But no dice. Energy came on really smooth considering the profile and was surprisingly clean throughout. I wonder if the addition of Noopept and N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine somehow smoothed over the stims?


    I ended up doing 20min low/moderate intensity cardio, then switched to about 20min of hill intervals (treadmill incline). After that I expected to be tired but I wasn't.

    Still rearing to go, I rocked out about 60-70 weighted ab curls on the ab machine, and followed that up with wide pull ups (focus on lats), doing a reverse pyramid on sets of 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

    I'm sitting here writing this now and I feel mentally alert and like I could keep going strong...hopefully this won't keep me up all night lol

    Anyway, that's all folks.
  13. 5/5

    love this stuff . tast is great , overall usfullness is amazing
    huge energy without the shakes. powered through the workouts . don't take late because you won't sleep. thanks to pyrobatt for the chance to log it

  14. Just got my sample in the mail! What's Jungle Warfare supposed to taste like? I'm planning to use it tomorrow

  15. Quote Originally Posted by jathan_howe View Post
    Just got my sample in the mail! What's Jungle Warfare supposed to taste like? I'm planning to use it tomorrow
    Jungle juice. A fruit punch variant.
    Online community manager/lead rep of Chaos and Pain,LLC and Fundamental Nutrition.Check us out! Follow me on instagram:@pyrobatt

  16. Ferox is a great preworkout. It has a lot of caffeine (so I only use 1/2 scoop) but it has some great nootropics in it for great clean focus as well. I love it but if it's later at night I don't recommend a full scoop with 450mg caffeine per serving


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