FitMax (50 servings)
FitMax (50 servings)


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Fitmax (50 Servings)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by nicksox15 View Post
    Thanks for the review good sir!
    You bet bud!

  2. We have the Strawberry Kiwi in stock
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Islandsupps View Post
    We have the Strawberry Kiwi in stock

  4. Thanks for the review!!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Adizzle1 View Post
    Thanks for the review!!
    You bet amigo.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by booneman77 View Post
    I'll review both flavors in the taste, and effects as total.Taste: Strawberry Kiwi - 4/5 The flavor is spectacular, albeit a bit strong. I had to add significantly more water (20oz total) in order to really enjoy this. The kiwi is very light, almost more of an aftertaste/though but as a whole this is very good. I personally prefer this to the fruit punch just because its different.Fruit Punch - 4/5 Totally standard fp flavor. nothing special but certainly nothing bad to say about it. Same as SK, added much more water then directed in order to dull down the flavor a bit.Mix- 5/5 Up to two scoops with 20oz of water mixes very clean with no residue whatsoever. A couple shakes and you're ready to go. Very minimal if any foam too so you can drink it all right away if you're in a hurry.Effects:1 Scoop - 3/5 Very light, slow building type of energy. Almoist more of a focus then energy but there is certainly a sense of increased "want" to do activities. I like to take this for my evening hockey games that I'm often beginning to drag before after having a long day. The stim effect is not enough to keep me awake after so this is good. Have not noticed any thermo effect or increased pump/vascularity from this at all.2 Scoops - 3/5 Same type of slow, controlled, light energy. Slightly more prevalent when it begins to hit but still not a "slap in the face" type. Focus is definitely more pronounced at 2 scoops. Still minimal to no thermo effects or increased pump. Small increase in vascularity.Overall: 3/5 I think this is a great option for those looking for a small boost but nothing too crazy. Would work well for someone very stim tolerant as well. I definitely have a place for this product as a late evening/night boost that doesn't negatively impact sleep. I was disappointed in the thermo/pump effects however, especially considering its hype as a fat burning pre.
    I'm surprised you didn't get the thermo and pump effect from it. I find that to be the most significant part of Fitmax. I break a sweat foam rolling when I take two scoops. I agree with the energy though, it is slow and controlled. This is to appeal to people with a low stim tolerance or preference. Hypermax, our newest product, is more geared towards pumps and energy. Thank you for the review!
    Quote Originally Posted by cbsharpe View Post
    FIT MAX:TASTE: 9/10 The Kiwi Strawberry taste is awesome!In my opinion, there's no other preworout that I can compare it to. MIXABILITY: 10/10 Zero issues for me here. Mixed up perfectly, little to no foaming, no grittyness, no settling, and no left over reside on the sides of my shaker cup.ENERGY: 8/10 I would consider this supplement as a low stimmed preworkout, so you're not going to get the mind blown energy levels. However, I would recommend 2 servings ( 1 1/2 scoops). I have some caffeine tolerance so adjust accordingly. With that being said, I do remembering either reading here or somewhere else that this is equivalent to a cup of coffee. So you know, 9 out of 10 times, I do take some sort of preworkout before hitting the weights and it works out fine for me. I don't like being overly stimmed, so Fitmax fits the bill for me and has allowed me to push a little further. Good stuff!OVERALL: 8/10 Overall, I like it! This product worked fine with 2 servings. I was fortunate to receive a few samples and I will most likely buy a tub which is 50 servings. If you're expecting insane pumps and/or have a high stim tolerance, this product may not be for you. For me, however, it wasn't a big deal because I am don't like to be overly stimmed out. I stacked these samples with Alpha Max(which is also awesome by the way) and I feel as though Fitmax has helped me get a little bit leaner because of the "slight" intensity. I will go on the record though and say that I wish that Fitmax had beta alanine. I also wish that the ingredient list was broken down a bit better rather than just list it as a prop blend. But overall, I was pleased and satisfied with this product, so I will still give it two thumbs up!
    Your overall view of Fitmax is spot on. I'm envious you have been able to try the Strawberry Kiwi before me! Thank you for taking time out to write the review.
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  7. MFG: Performax Labs
    Product name: FitMax
    Product type: thermogenic
    Product class: Pre workout
    Flavor: Kiwi Strawberry
    Recommend: YES, please read overall thoughts

    Name:  fitmax.jpg
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    Sample: Three packets of 1 serving each 6.32 grams
    Note: The 40 serving container lists 1 serving as 4.74 grams, slightly different.

    The flavor really was enjoyable. First impression was a very sweet aftertaste that to me was more like a bubble gum taste but the longer I enjoyed sipping the more clear the flavorings name came through, Kiwi Strawberry.
    The sample pack was mixed into a water bottle 16oz and shaken. FitMax mixed entirely making a bright pink color and little to no foam. Settling of the contents occurred after a few minutes and was minimal. A few more shakes and all contents were dissolved.

    Trial of sample pack #1
    Started drinking FitMax on empty stomach starting 30 min prior to workout. Took 15 minutes drinking taking time to evaluate the flavor so real time pre WO was about 15 min.
    First impressions: Taste was great but I wasn’t sure it had kicked in. Workout lasted an hour and soon after I noticed a strong effect similar to having too much caffeine. This sensation, very slightly elevated heart rate, jitter was simply mitigated by having some food and lots of water.

    Trial of sample pack #2
    Started drinking FitMax after having a cup of oatmeal 60 min prior to workout. Took 15 to 20 minutes drinking the 16 oz mix so real time pre WO was about 30 min.
    Impressions: Flavoring and mixability was consistent. Workout lasted an hour and seemed to go quickly and effortlessly with a little more sweating but not too excessive. Post workout and for the remainder of the day felt great nothing like the first sample.

    Trial of sample pack #3
    FitMax (16oz) about 30 min. pre WO. Sustained energy throughout the 1 hr workout. Warming effect and sweating noted. Post workout and the rest of the day I noticed no signs of dramatic decrease of energy, sometimes referred to as “crashing” energy peaked during work out and then plateaued nicely afterward.

    Overall thoughts: FitMax samples were an enjoyable experience. The product delivered a nice flavor and energy. My level of stimulant tolerance has always been low and I find this product to suit me fine. Reading the product advertisement it seems to be promoted more as a thermogenic weight management tool. Since having only 3 sample packs to experiment with I cannot provide any feedback of the weight loss aspect claimed by this product as that would take more time. I did experience the thermo effect and it was to a pleasant degree, not too much or overwhelming.
    Recommend: Yes, for flavor and increased workout intensity it’s worth a try.

  8. Thanks for the review sir! Glad you enjoyed the samples. Fitmax can still be found for a great price on many of the retailers here.
    Black Lion Research Rep

  9. Thank you for the detailed review and picture Scooter. I'm glad a single scoop was able to provide you with enough to go through your session effortlessly. SOme people do not have a high tolerance and a little can go a long way.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist
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  10. 4/5

    Mixability 5/5
    Mixed perfectly every time, with only a quick couple of shakes, without clumps, floaters or sediment.

    Taste 4/5
    Strawberry Kiwi is not my first choice of flavors to buy, however it wasn't bad at all with the Fit Max. I took 2 scoops and used 10oz of water. The taste was never too tangy or sweet.

    Energy 4/5
    I upped the suggested dose to 2 scoops and this was definitely my sweet spot. The energy was nice and clean, and usually lasted for about 45 minutes after training. There was no crash or "cracked out" feeling.

    Fat Burning/Sweating 4.5/5
    I was able to shred up pretty nicely while taking Fit Max, final weight was 165. I look much leaner and more vascular. When taking Fit Max I would work up a great sweat. It would literally run off of me!!

    Overall 4/5
    Fit Max is a good product for clean energy and weight loss. It would be a perfect fit for any type of cardio as well!

  11. Thanks for the review brother!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.
  12. 4/5

    Great mixability, not too bad of a taste. Slight stomach discomfort when first starting on 1 scoop, a few days later subsided. Great pick me up and pumps with 1.5/2 scoops. Will definitely recommend to friends and gym goers! Good job guys!

  13. Thank you Soul, glad you enjoyed it!
    Performax Labs Product Specialist
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by AntM1564 View Post
    Thank you Soul, glad you enjoyed it!
    Hell yeah man, I'm always down to try some new stuff!

  15. Here is my 1 week Fitmax Review.

    Mixability- fast and easy

    Taste- not overpowering. I water things down though and just chug u lug! I like it this way.

    Day 1 - 1 scoop; chest and back - holy tricep pump. It was intense! Great focus. Pushed through GVT way easier than last week! Endurance way up on first workout.

    Day 2 legs, Day 3 shoulders, day 4 deadlift and arms: each of those days I took 1 1/2 scoops: the pump was not as pronounced but the focus and drive was there every time. The thermo effect was quite amazing as well. Didn't get all stimmed out which is not a bad thing.

    Day 5: I do not want to give an unfair assessment here but I had a pretty big headache before I took it and I know it's because I didn't drink enough water in the morning. Took 2 scoops. Headache intensified. Chest and back: made it through bench and pull downs and called her quits. Went home and drank water and then some more etc..Headache was gone a few hours later.

    Thinking back, the last 4 PreWO I have tried that are all well known, this is my favorite. Why? Because it makes me focus and makes me sweat. My endurance is also greatly improved. Taking a few scoops on honeymoon for when we have long excursions! Going to stick to 1 to 1 1/2 scoops. Don't think 2 scoops would benefit much more but I may try again if I get in the right situation.
  16. 3/5

    The reason I gave this a 3 is because the fruit punch flavor, In my opinion is horrid. I chug it down asap. However, the strawberry kiwi flavor is much more pleasant. I understand that a 3 might be low but in a world where flavor matters a lot I put a lot more emphasis on it.

    The formula, however, is excellent. Provides a nice boost in energy and mentality that lasts for an hour or so and makes you sweat in hot conditions a lot more. The burn blend really does help you burn!

  17. Fruit punch was discontinued last month and replaced by the Kiwi Strawberry, im glad you atleast enjoy the new flavor!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Adizzle1 View Post
    Fruit punch was discontinued last month and replaced by the Kiwi Strawberry, im glad you atleast enjoy the new flavor!
    it seems I have not kept up with the times! I keep seeing fruit punch everywhere but I guess they are emptying inventory. Very good call! Any way to change my rating then? Would rather give it a 4 if FP is discontinued

  19. I don't think you can change your rating. I enjoy both flavors, but prefer the kiwi strawberry, but those are two of my favorite fruits!
    Performax Labs Product Specialist
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