Supp-D (40 servings)

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    Supp-D (40 servings)

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  2. 5/5

    TASTE: 9/10
    Taste is usually not a big deal for me as I just mix and slam all my supps. But… this stuff is the real deal. I was given Rasberry Lemon Rage to try out and it really was something special. It really reminded me of a cherry limeade from Sonic. There’s really been only one other pre that stood out to me on taste and that was MP Assault, tastes like sweet tarts.

    MIXABILITY: 9/10
    I had no problems with Supp-D becoming a homogenous mixture. Consistency varies with quantity of water but it mixes well. No clumps, no foam. As with all other mixable supps there will be a small amount left on the bottom of your container. Not a big deal.

    PUMP: 8/10
    The agmatine dose in this stuff really works well pump-wise. When doing supersets my arms would explode! Not to the point of pain but just at the threshold. You will notice some pretty good veinage with Supp-D.

    FOCUS & ENERGY: 9/10
    This new blend is amazing in the stim arena. Granted I am a stim junky and was taking two scoops at a time, but NLA nailed it. The first 15 or so minutes will have you ready to run a marathon in under and hour, then it settles down and provides a clean linear energy without the dreaded crash. I was having to convince myself that my workout was done in order to leave the gym. I felt like I could easily do 4 hour workouts, not that I would but hey, who doesn’t want to stay energetic and alert for hours on end, especially us body builders who blast our bodies with insane workouts and feel beat up and worn down half the time. Focus is another quality that Supp-D offers. Mind-muscle connection is stellar.

    OVERALL: 9/10
    NLA really worked their asses off to offer us a new prop blend that offers some amazing workouts. I consistently found myself wanting to workout forever and never left the gym tired. The endurance provided by Supp-D is among my top 3 in pwo’s that I’ve taken. I literally could not wear myself out when on this stuff.

    Highly recommend giving Supp-D a go when you consider your next purchase for a PWO!
  3. 4/5

    Final review!
    I really want to think @MSRIDER and NLA PERFORMANCE for letting me log and review their product!
    This was a fun run and I liked the product so much I already ordered and received another tub of supp d! Raspberry lemonade this time!

    Pros for me where extreme focus that lasts! No supp crash a couple hours later, or nausea. I got really extreme vascular pumps which is a bonus in a pre workout! Mix ability was top notch. no doubt about it NLA PERFORMANCE HAS DEVELOPED A BAD ASS PWO!!!!!
    I like to give honest reviews so I'll share what I thought the cons are. First the cherrylimade flavor is bitter /tart. Now this was the case for me personally.To be fair and honest it taste like the cherry limeanade from sonic.I dont personally like those either,but if you do then this is the flavor for you!!
    ! All that really matters I'm a supplement is the end result! Supp - d delivers!

  4. Great review guys! Glad you enjoyed SUPP-D and it was effective!
    NLA Performance: The Choice of Champions

  5. Great Reviews Fellas! We appreciate!


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