Burn24 (180 caps)
Burn24 (180 caps)


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Burn24 (180 caps)

  1. 5/5

    5/5 product, hands down. I have no clue why nobody else has reviewed this product yet. So I'll skip all the fluff and just break down my experience with the product (I've ran a bottle and about a week into my second bottle):

    1) First time I dosed it, 3 caps before a meal. I didn't get the meal in until an hour later and whilst having the meal, I started to get a little light headed and floaty feeling due to my blood sugar levels dropping (I also dosed 3 caps that day because I only had 2 large meals scheduled).

    2) I've experimented with how effective the product is with blocking carbs/optimizing carbs by going a little overboard on carbs and lots of simple carbs the first week or so. Did not result in bloating or increased bodyfat.

    3) Since starting the product, I've been eating at between maintenance on some days and significant surplus on some other days mainly from upping carbs. Again, no significant increase in bodyfat after the first bottle.

    4) I still sometimes get a hyperglycemic crash even at 2 pills depending on how quickly I get the meal in as well as how empty my stomach is at the time of dosing.

    5) I haven't experienced carb binging type hunger since using the product. Not sure if this is just me.

    6) I sometimes actually still crash even after eating a meal 30 minutes after dosing Burn24 even a month later. This would suggest to me that the product is still as effective as when I first started using it.

    Maybe this is how GDAs are supposed to work and feel like in general, but Burn24 has been the first product that is a GDA which I have used and I'm obviously very impressed by it. Highly recommended product and I can't wait to see how this product will work whilst on a cut.
  2. 3/5

    No impressed. Firstly, it is in no way a fat burner. Why they market it like this makes no sense. It's a GDA. And I have used near all of them. I would buy AP at 19$ (NP) before I buy this. And for around the same price, Recompaderol absolutely blows Burn24 away. Not sure what the hype is about at all. And because they put a little green coffee bean in it - most of us can't dose it in evening or pre-bed. And the bottle disappears in no time - 90 caps at 6 a day. And who wants to have to eat 6 caps a day when you can eat 3 of another brand and have that brand last twice as long? Spend your money and something effective.
  3. 5/5

    Muscle Fullness 10/10 This was the biggest thing that I noticed while using this product and I was very full.This could be that I was eating a lot of carbs but the carb bloat was not there.Also during workouts my muscles would be popping and fullness lasted for hours after my workout.

    Vascularity 10/10 was a another huge factor.My veins popped in the most random places and I was seeing veins I have never seen before. On days I would do legs, and I was holding dumbbells my arms would explode.At night, I could look into the mirror and see veins running through my chest/arms even in a relaxed state.

    Since I've started taking Burn24, it honestly helped me significantly.I've gained lean muscle mass, energy levels increased, endurance and strength increased, my muscle are more full/hard/vascular. And most noticeably, I've dropped body fat. I recommend this to anyone that's on a cutting,recomp or if you're bulking it will do wonders.I'm what you call carb Intolerance. Everytime I eat any kind of carbs, complex or simple (expect for veggies) I notice a bit of water weight and fat gains with in a day. So I'll usually eliminate carbs and go on a low carb/high protein/good fat diet (keto diet).It works but I lose way to much muscle because my glycogen storage is depleted.

    Starting Weight 172lbs
    Ending Weight 174lbs

    I am up 2lbs
    My waist size is shrinking.I need a belt now.
    All day muscle fullness.
    I still get a hyperglycemic crash with AM dose on empty stomach.
    No carb bloat

    Overall I give this a 10/10 for it's nutrient partitioning effects.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by koi1214 View Post
    Overall I give this a 10/10 for it's nutrient partitioning effects.
    This stuff is next to impossible to get at the moment.

    So how did you dose this product? Ive read elsewhere it recommended that, in order to get the most out of the ingredients, you should ideally dose 6caps per day...yet (as with Recompadrol) lots of users seem to dose less than this but still report favourable benefits.
  5. 5/5

    Burn24 Experiences & Review

    Finally got this up, and my deepest apologies for being so late with it, but better late than never. Got my first laptop and I've been wrestling with the mess that is Windows 10. I got it working somewhat how I want it, so I should be posting regularly once again.

    Price - Picked it up for 25.99 USD on sale, and even with the conversion to CDN dollars, it was a steal. Bought 2 more bottles at that price. Amazing bargain, especially for such a solid product. I would pay more for it, but getting in on sales is never a bad thing.

    Profile - I'm not an expert on the GDA category, but I've read that the profile is one of the most complete on the market. Definitely has quite the reputation.

    Dosing - I've found that using 2 caps, 15-45mins before a HUGE carb meal, once or maybe twice a day, only 1-2 times a week, away from training or on days you do not train, is optimal. I was taking 3 caps at a time, 2X a day, every day, and then later 2 caps 2-3X a day for a while, but it was wasteful, put me to sleep after every meal without fail, and negatively impacted my training, for reasons I will elaborate on. Another benefit to the lower dosing is a bottle lasts forever.

    Efficacy - This has been my first experience with a GDA, and it's been a great one. First off, I'm not a very vascular person by nature, but I've noticed a huge increase in vascularity since I started Burn24. Some of that has been due to carb pumps, and Burn24 definitely enhances those pumps, but most of it has been due to the big reduction in bodyfat that just one bottle gave me over the course of around a month and a half.

    In terms of fat loss, one bottle made a DRASTIC difference for me. I lost tons of fat, changing nothing else but adding in Burn24, especially in stubborn areas such as the love handles and chest. This is with a MASSIVE increase in carb intake (I find that Burn24 gives me major carb cravings as well so be warned), and therefore overall caloric intake, but I'm not complaining. I barely used to have any carbs outside of fruits and veggies, because they would always bloat me, make me crash, and have me feeling sluggish and tired. Now they have become a regular part of my diet, I handle them very well now, and it's due to what I can only surmise is Burn24 and it increasing my overall level of insulin sensitivity. I can attest to the part of the Burn24 write-up saying it will stop the insulin insanity in your body being true, as it did just that for me.

    Sides - Burn24 is an amazing amazing product, but all good things come with some bad. It definitely slows down size/strength gains, almost grinds them to a halt, if you are dosing it too often, and near workouts, as I was when I first began using it. I believe @kbayne and others have mentioned this is bc of the Berberine and how it activates AMPK or w/e, but I have no clue about the science behind all this. I can just attest to the fact that Berberine can indeed mess up your training and progress, if not just from the fatigue you feel after a Burn24 dosing alone, at least in my experience. The dosing I detailed earlier however, gives you a lot of the fat loss benefits of Burn24, without the negative downsides.

    Overall - Easily the most effective supplement I've ever used, by far. I don't know how it works. I can't detail all the scientific mechanisms by which it works, or why it's as effective as it is, and trust me, I was skeptical about how well it would work going in, but it DOES indeed work. I use it sparingly now, and my pants still get looser week by week. It allows me to have huge weekend carb meals, and not have them impact my physique in a significant way. I will say, I don't know how effective it would be for someone who is ultra lean and not insulin resistant, but if you are like me and want to reduce bodyfat and increase your insulin sensitivity, I give Burn24 my highest recommendation.



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