Tropinol XP (100 Capsules)
Tropinol XP (100 Capsules)


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Tropinol XP (100 Capsules)

  1. 4/5


    Strength 8/10 bench, dead lift, and shoulder press all increased over 8 weeks. Good steady increases between 5-7%.

    Muscle gains 8/10 BW didnít change but measurements went up. I consider that pretty good. I donít do a lot of cardio during the week but tend to have a long day every weekend of hiking/skiing/climbing or paddling.

    Pumps 7/10 Definitely noticed the pump, not super strong but there. I donít assign a high value to getting muscle pump from a supplement. If youíre into that youíll enjoy this effect. A nice bonus but not a reason for me to buy a supplement.

    Aggression 10/10 or 1/10 depending on how you view this. I was definitely more aggressive. Not fighting people in the streets but a very strong effect. If you have aggression problems Tropinol XP may add to your problems.

    Libido: 7/10 no negative effect on libido, but definitely not the boost I got from DAA stacked with other products.

    For me the best part of Tropinol XP was the leaning/recomp effects from the Forskolin and the endurance/quick recovery between sets.

    I will run Tropinol XP again, probably as a recomp stack. My Diet and training were dialed in. In general I respond well to training and dieting. Just like all supplements your mileage may vary especially if you donít have diet, training, recovery and stress management under tight control.

    The product packaging makes some pretty ridiculous claims. I hope no one ever buys a supplement based on the packaging. Read the ingredient lists, look up studies on Pubmed, and read other logs.

  2. solid review, much appreciated!! I love the pumps and fullness pre-workout from this!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  3. solid science or at-least pier reviewed by more than one person or this is just another advertisement. 5% over 8 weeks and your 6' 1" and only weigh 200 lbs and consider this more than a placebo, gimme a break!

  4. Nothing new here. Most of the ingredients have been used in other products for some time. Many of these products with these ingredients have recieved favorable reviews. As far as I know this is the 1st product to combine these ingredients. People can do their own research and decide how to interpret the limited human study and extensive rat studies and assign their own values to the study results. There's nothin special about me or my results other than I kept records and shared the data.
  5. 4/5

    Strength: I should have run this stack for 8 weeks, I felt like I was getting ready to break through a few plateaus at the end of my 4 weeks.

    Libido: Days 11-17 were Crazy high! Have never had this kind of boost on another natty test booster! And definitely had that Alpha feeling the last 2 weeks!

    Pump: Definitely felt the muscle fullness during all my workouts. And vascularity was also at an all new high- Front delt veins for the first time!

    Recovery : I feel like this is really where the products shined ---- Incredible sleep & I woke up feeling like I could do any type of workout! I did a few intense full body workouts during the four weeks & the next day I felt like I could have repeated them without any problems! Also woke up most mornings feeling like a teenager again!

    It really comes down to this --- there is no question I'd buy this stack again in the near future --- Except next time .... 8 Weeks!!!!!!


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