OxyElite Pro (90 Caps)
OxyElite Pro (90 Caps)



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OxyElite Pro (90 Caps)

  1. Useless

    The product does not work. There is at least one scam site touting it. They talk about improbable weight loss.
  2. 3/5

    Having finished my 1st bottle I must say I am thoroughly disappointed and wish it wasnt so but this product is not a huge game changer. I was eating 2800 calories and had just began my 1st cutting diet and stayed pretty clean while using it.

    Energy and Focus: Felt no spike in energy and honestly have fallen asleep an hour after taking it on several occasions. This product didnt have anything in the focus category for me that was noticeable.

    Thermo: Will say that it does make you sweat. Basic cleaning activities is all it takes to get it started. After a good 10min warmup sweats rolling but I took my personal temperature 4days straight and was normal so the theory of the how baffels me a bit lol.

    Dosage: I started off only taking 1 capsule for 2 days then added another for afternoon for 2 days after that. Then progressed to 2 tabs in the am and 1 in the afternoon w/ my PWO. Never was overwhelmed but I dont recommend taking it with a full scoop of your PWO unless you know how much caffeine your packing away.

    This is all in my own personal experience and I am a bit stim tolerant and running a rather potent PWO "Mr. Hyde". I personally wouldnt buy it again knowing that Ive had a different product work better for me, but you must gauge for yourself. Hope this helps

  3. i used this a while back and I didn't like it at all

  4. Also did zip for me too....never felt anything nor saw any results


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