Allows you to get into a very heavy sleep which many people are not able to do
If you are very active and sweat a lot, this is a great product to use to replenish necessary minerals that are lost through sweating
Since Zinc is one of the minerals in this product, it is great for immune boosting
Some evidence that ZMA supplementation decreases muscle soreness

Cons (not really)
I needed a three day attenuation period for this product to work efficiently, not really a con but rather an observation
Very colorful/vivid and sometimes quite interesting dreams

All in all, another great product. Many times overlooked but if you have $20 to spend on an additional supplement, Recover is one to consider.

As always I am truly appreciative for the ability to try another Formutech product. I like a handful of companies but only because I like product X from company Y, product A from company B etc, but I can truly say Formutech is a very well rounded company. Aside from not offering protein, they truly have a great depth of products.

I continue to look forward to new products.

Double S is getting Sleepy with Formutech Recover