NO3 Chrome (90 capsules)
NO3 Chrome (90 capsules)



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NO3 Chrome (90 capsules)

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    PUMP and VASCULARITY- 9...
    The look and feeling that NO3 provides is very hard to top. Muscles are full and firm and veins are pronounced and prominent. The pump and vascularity last quite a while too!

    NO3 provides an excellent endurance boost. I have been doing high volume workouts for quite some time and lactic acid build-up is quite possibly the biggest enemy.The buffering that NO3 provides is a big help. It really keeps "the burn" to a much more tolerable level. It can be hard to remember how much NO3 boosts my endurance until I stop taking it.
    Even though I believe NO3 can make a good preworkout supplement by itself (or with just caffeine added) in my opinion, it's not meant for it. This product is for stacking with a preworkout (like C4) and I won't pretend it's not so, it get's no points docked.

    VERSATILITY- 10...
    Super stackable, this product can provide the finishing touch to many a supplement regimen. This is one of my favorite aspects of NO3. It fits into a cutting stack just as well as a bulking one. It's great for periods of caffeine/stimulant use and also just as useful when taking a stimulant break. It's benefits are seen for resistance training and cardio alike. Heck, it even works as a stand alone "beach pump" product. There really isn't too much that NO3 can't help with.

    VALUE- 5...
    Price is by far my biggest gripe with NO3. It's way too expensive, especially as a stack "finisher". Shop around and find a sale or discount because full price is just unreasonable.

    OTHER- 7...
    I find that cracking the end of the cap and swallowing the broken caps 35-40 minutes preworkout is the most effective.
    Not everyone wants to (or knows to) crack the caps or open and dump out the contents in their preworkout. Swallowing a whole cap does work but effectiveness can suffer especially if not taken on an empty stomach. I don't find a problem with doing these extras but, it is a bit limiting to have to avoid a meal/shake immediately pre workout (for best results). It's certainly not the simplest product to take.
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  2. Just picked this up for $20 so im hoping its definitely worth the hype!
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