Cordygen NanO2 (140 Grams)
Cordygen NanO2 (140 Grams)


Millennium Sport Technologies

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Cordygen NanO2 (140 Grams)

  1. Final review

    I've really enjoyed using Cordygen NaNO2. Thanks again MST and Mysteek for choosing me.

    Pumps: 10/10. I get some awesome pumps using this stuff. I would put it up against Hemavol.

    Endurance: (not going to score as it would be unfair) I'm not really an endurance guy, but I did notice a few times that even after a hard workout I still wanted to go run some sprints or something similar.

    Taste: 7/10. I've used the Kona Kolada and the Berry Pom flavors. The flavor is pretty light which some people like-I prefer a POW type flavor. It did end up mixing well with some other stuff. It's also not bad to simply eat the scoop of powder directly.

    Mixability: 10/10. No problems here.

    Bottom line: I would recommend giving this a try.
  2. 5/5


    Taste: 8/10 - Make sure you mix one (or two) scoops with minimal water. Maybe 1/4 of a standard water bottle. It mixes perfectly and tastes fine. Not gritty, not even close to overly sweet.

    Ingredients: 9/10 - I love the fact that the "other" ingredients are just natural flavorings and stevia. Really great considering most companies just drop a bunch of BS flavorings and dyes into the mix.

    Effects: 10/10!!! - I haven't been able to run like this in ages. I used to get winded after only 15 minutes of decently paced running. Now I'm about to go for 40+ minutes at a time!

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