Dopadex (90 Caps)
Dopadex (90 Caps)


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Dopadex (90 Caps)

  1. 5/5

    Copied from reviews section:

    So I don't normally do reviews of products, not even for someone I am affiliated with, but definitely had to share on this little stack I have put together.

    I have been utilizing Dopadex and Forskolin-95 for approximately a month now. In that month I have seen some fantastic effects from this stack.

    I really just started this stack to get leaning out a bit, drop a few "I now have two kids" pounds. Which I am doing nicely, but that's not even what this review is about.

    After about the third week of this stack, I have also grown a third leg. A welcomed appendage indeed. Since the third week I am pretty much insatiable, and I was worried a bit since the sex drive has dropped off some in the last couple years as opposed to early 20s.

    Anyway, with this stack recently I have actually felt a feeling as if I have reversed the clock recently. Energy is vastly improving daily, strength is ticking up nicely, there is almost zero fatigue through the day. Upon those feelings entering the picture, I also cannot keep my hands off the wife. I have literally made her tired all through the day due to bangin it out too much. Before bed, I feel like it would be a wasted day if I didn't take care of business before going to sleep. And the "Eruptions" are just as that word describes. The wife won't even consider ingesting that at the moment because that **** is like a big gulp. Then in the morning before work, I am ready to throw down a session, but that has been put on hold (By her) since she can't keep her eyes open through the day with our kids.

    I have had other Forsk Products, and other L-Dopa products without these same effects, so the combination seems to really blow it up in all departments. I am personally getting great sleep, especially when dosing the dopa before bed.

    Is anyone else stacking these two? I would like to hear your thoughts, to see if they match up with mine closely. And I dont know if Nutra offers a stack of this, but they damn well should, cause after the first months supply, if you are anything like me, you will be revisiting that site often.

    To me right now, it's like the days of Aspire36, but without the stuffy nose, head aches, and I get the full libido drive rather than just my junk standing up but lacking the want.

    I know some will see my affiliation and blow off this review, but I urge you to just give it a try... cause damn...
    And if you have been around, most know I don't pimp anything, not even PES products... I just deliver information as I know it.

  2. Thanks for the review. I was looking into these and may give them a go.

  3. aspire, some dopadex coming!!!

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