With only 410 calories I was expecting a little bit more out of a mass gainer. Comparing Scivation Mass Gainer to ON Serious Mass calories is about 1/3 the calories. But what Serious mass does not have is this 50:30:20 carb/protein/fat ratio coming from brown rice and organic fractionated rice oligodextrin, Protein:high-quality milk protein isolate sourced from grade-a skim milk that has undergone a low heat process to maintain protein purity, this is some of the highest quality milk protein
fatty acids derived from such sources as fish oil, sunflower oil, golden flax seed oil, and coconut oil

It's the little steps such as these that are going to put on pounds of lean muscle instead of fat.

Taste/ mixability : (10/10)
This is without a doubt the best tasting mass gainer I have ever tried.
The taste reminds me of a creamy rice milk, the taste of the brown rice blend is incredible Usually mixing 3 scoops into a 20ounce blenderbottle which is the perfect consistency. This mass gainer mixes perfectly. I absolutely crave this mass gainer after my workouts.

This definitely helped me put on quality size, strength definitely increased while my weight was increasing. I usually get stomach problems from other mass gainers and pure whey protein; but I had no issues at all while on this! I am currently at the end of my second tub with the third on the whey from amazon.

Value: (8/10)
This needs to come in a 10 pound bag...
At $43 on Amazon but with only 20 servings per container I go through a container within 12-14 days...

Overall: (10/10)
Overall this is without a doubt my new go to Mass Gainer! Even if I use two servings a day to get the calories I need I would still purchase this over and over again