Joint Help (120 capsules)
Joint Help (120 capsules)


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Joint Help (120 capsules)

  1. 4/5

    I just finished my log of Joint Help and can say that I am impressed with its' ability to control general inflammation. In the past I usually went with either Super Cissus Rx or Primaforce Cissus 40% Ketosterones and found them both to be effective. But, the only drawback to cissus products is that you have to take them for a little while to get the tendon or ligament relief you are looking for. What I liked about Joint Help is that the ParActin speeds this process up so you can get more immediate relief while the cissus builds up in your system. This has been a banner year for annoying injuries like a broken foot and a partially torn rotator cuff so I've tried everything to heal:
    E-Pharm Joint Force
    Peaceful Mountain Tendon Rescue
    SuperCissus Rx
    Cissus 40% Ketosterone
    Green Lipped Mussel (Perna Canaliculus)
    Glucosamine Chondroitin
    Joint Help

    So, yes it has been the cumulative use of many different products in conjunction with Joint Help, but iForce has a solid product here worth checking out.
  2. 4/5

    I have a history of having horrible elbow pain. sometimes it is so bad it hurts to pick up my son. This stuff helps. Not a miracle, but does help.
  3. 4/5

    Well I'm finished with the bottle and I still have the same shoulder pain I've had for years. I just think this shoulder might just need surgery and my PT said the ligament is done. This product did help with the annoying pain I had in my elbows and healing of my body in general. My joints felt lubed up so it was great. If you have extra $ to spend then I suggest you purchase this product.
  4. 5/5

    I would suggest this product for any taking Erase on PCT.
    Erase usually dries out my joints, but with JOINT HELP my elbow & knees were feeling much better. However I did take 6 pills (3 morning & 3 evening) to help with the pain.

  5. thanks for all the positive feedback guys glad you all got something out of joint help
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  6. 4/5

    I was having a pain in my left elbow and left knee for several months without knowing it was a joint pain. After I would probably say it was kind of a friend or self diagnosis I did some research and decided on Joint Help. I also use their Fish Oil and Hemavol so I felt comfortable with iForce's product. The pain took a little over a week to really ease up but it finally did in the elbow. My left knee pain went away in several days. Next time it happens I'll know exactly what I need and I'm comfortable making a recommendation of Joint Help to friends and family.
  7. 5/5

    I would like to start off by saying this product gets a 9/10 overall. It is the best Joint supplement I have used thus far. The only reason It got a 9 instead of a 10 is due to the price. I have had issues with my elbows since I started working out 5 years ago. I had a huge dirt bike accident as a teenager that basically re-arranged my right elbow internally. Also, My left elbow has frequent issues with some sort of nerve entrapment or ligament tangling - doctor still can't figure it out (not tennis elbow).

    Anyways, here's my review:

    Profile: 10/10

    This product is great as it combines two unique aspects into one supplement. Cissus- which is great for joint support and flexability. Paractin- a light joint pain reliever that is nsaid free! The combo worked well for me keeping max ROM in my elbows, and pain to a minimum. I have had the best success so far with this product. I have previously tried: USPowders bulk cissus, Osteo Bi-flex, SNS cissus, Animal Flex, general Glucosamine/ MSM, and the Orange Triad MV with added support.

    Value: 9/10

    IMO this is the only downside to this product. I feel like $25 for a one month supply is rather high. If there was a way to buy a 6 month supply for say $18/ mo... I would never stop usage of this great product.

    Highly recommend!

    Thanks IFORCE!


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