5-Alpha Test (90 tablets)
5-Alpha Test (90 tablets)


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5-Alpha Test (90 tablets)

  1. 4/5

    Alright so I'm not a seasoned review writer so I'm going to put this in layman's terms.
    I have been seeing Mass Drops on a particular site where I purchase my supps from for a while now so after having 2 right shoulder surgeries in the past year I was eager to get back into the gym and true form. I grabbed my first bottle about 3 months ago and REALLY liked what I saw.
    Naturally after 2 surgeries and no workouts for about 9 months, I was pretty weak. For example: my bench had gone from a 325lb max to having a lot of trouble working with 135lb.
    So I hit the gym like normal; 1 body part a day, 1x per day. i.e. Mon.-Chest, Tues.-Back, Weds.-Shoulders...etc
    Diet consisted of High Protein, High Fiber, Low Carb.
    Within the 1st month I saw huge gains! Bench went back up to about 275lb (comfortable), Shoulder press up from 40lb dumbbells to 75lb, Deadlift from 225lb to 315lb. A lot of this is probably due to muscle memory but the focus, aggressiveness, strength/energy that I was experiencing prompted me to grab another bottle of this product. My gains continued!
    During the 2nd cycle I saw my body really beginning to take form again. ALL of my lifts continued to climb. I began to hit the gym 2x per day. Farmers carries skyrocketed from 100lb dumbbells for 40 yrds to putting 405lbs on a shrug apparatus and carrying for 40 yrds. Bench continued to climb to 315lb; Incline dumbbells to 100lbs; Shoulder Press to 85lbs.
    I then took 2-3 weeks off the supp. but grabbed another bottle. Here's where I stand now:
    Bench- 370lbs (1 rep max)
    Deadlift- 485lbs (1 rep max)
    Shoulder Press DB- 105lbs (6 reps)
    Barbell Curl- 155lbs (6-8 reps)
    One arm rows- 115lbs (4 sets;10 reps)
    Bent-over rows- 265lbs (8 reps)
    Leg Press- 550lbs
    Farmers-605lbs for 20 yrds
    The side effects on this product were minimal. I did experience some slight mood swings and irritability but nothing more than if I had ingested too much caffeine. My biggest issue was the back pumps which I got. Horrible at times, to where I felt as though I had a pinched nerve. But when I would go off of the supp. the pain would subside.
    The taste was comparable to taking a dropper full of nail polish remover. But considering the nature of the supp. and the desired effects which I was going for, that was a small price to pay.
    I have to note that I stacked this supplement w/Forerunner 5-Alpha Test and also took a Pre-workout(C-4) and Post(Body Motar)

    **I will post new pics in a couple of days when able***

  2. What surgeries did you have on your shoulder. I've had surgery on both of mine.
    After a year off, I'm back

  3. @CaryK The first was to grind down my shoulder joint and repair a torn labrum. The second, was a "Mumford" procedure where they had to remove about 3/4" of my collar bone/shoulder bone.

  4. Yea I have 2 bottles of 5 alpha test. Have yet to get some mass drops

  5. Quote Originally Posted by GWARRIOR1 View Post
    The first was to grind down my shoulder joint and repair a torn labrum. The second, was a "Mumford" procedure where they had to remove about 3/4" of my collar bone/shoulder bone.
    Yea, I had a torn labrum in my right shoulder-Open Bankhart Procedure
    Left shoulder I had a capsular shift, tore the capsule completely off the bone
    After a year off, I'm back


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