Serious amazing pre work out that I don't see being used too much on this site.

Pump (5/5)
If you're a fan of hemoval, which am, then you should really love this stuff, it has a similar profile but with an added energy matrix. Muscles get so pumped it hurts and quickly too.

Endurance 4/5
I find myself wanting to be in the gym much longer and seem to be able to get more reps out of each set.

Energy (2-3/5)
Now for me the energy is PERFECT, because I absolutely hate Stims. This has a nice little dose of caffeine. To give you a boost which is all I ever need. I have good natural push in the gym and I really do not like that stimmed out feeling these harder pwo give. Mr. Hyde the more intense version seems to be way too intense for me. I take pwo mainly for the pump not energy.

Overall (5/5)
Very impressed with this product, amazing pump, great little boost, and great gym sessions. I highly recommend this product to those individuals who love hemoval but want a little boost along with it.