Mr. Hyde (40 servings)
Mr. Hyde (40 servings)



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Mr. Hyde (40 servings)

  1. 5/5

    I've purchased and tried at least 10 preworkouts out there. Some were pump-based (stimulant free or under 200 mg of caffeine) with ingredients such as L-arginine and nitric oxide precursors, while others such as Jack3d, are known as ultra concentrates (usually high amounts of stimulants). My body responds very well to stimulants so the latest preworkout before Mr. Hyde which I thought were good were Biorhythms' SSINJUICE and DS' CRAZE, which both contained a generous amount of stimulants. To ensure that I get the best out of my money, I cycled off stimulants for 1 week before trying my first scoop of Mr. Hyde for validity purposes.

    1) INITIAL IMPRESSION (Price/Solubility/Taste): Usual price for 40 servings tub was around $35 at, but I applied a coupon and got the 40 servings tub for $30. It's averaged priced for a pre-workout I'd say since its basically a little under $1 per serving. Lets start off with its solubility when mixed in water. Within 5 shakes inside a shaker bottle, the pre-workout completely dissolved. No chunks falling to the bottom or foam bits on top or anything of the sort. Second was the taste test. I ordered the orange guava flavor and let's say that was hands down the best tasting flavor for a pre-workout EVER. I was quite astonished by it since it reminded me of Kool-aid.

    2) EFFECTIVENESS (Focus/Pump/Ingredients): Pre-workouts when taken on an empty stomach, are way more effective so I waited 2 hours after my meal to ingest the powder. Within 15 minutes, the kick settled in gradually as my face began to heat up due to the 2.5 g of beta-alanine per serving. I like the heat rush underneath my skin, so if you are one to be irritated by this "side-effect," then maybe this product is not for you. The pumps were intense and amazing! Please note that I'm a very experienced stimulant user, so I'm meticulous with my comments for I've tried many products in my 4 years of lifting. It greatly boosted my muscular endurance and allowed me break through my strength plateaus. My dead lift and bench press max increased by 20 lbs by then time I used up all of the Mr. Hyde. While I was on this product, it was very hard for me to leave the gym because the pump was so good, that I literally had to prevent myself from adding like 10 more sets to the entire workout. Only about 20% of the days I'd workout, did I not feel completely full and fiendish. Let's jump into ingredients. There are 3 different types of caffeine within the caffeine matrix totaling up to a whooping 419 mg per serving which is pretty high! The different types of caffeine sets in at different rates resulting in a clean pump and steady rate of sustained mental focus. Usually when there's high amounts of one type of caffeine like in the 5 hour energy shots, you experience the jittery effects because it all hits you at once. I tend to have a clear state of mind even after the workout without crashing. The strength matrix is one interesting combination consisting of: beta alanine (2.5 g which makes up the bulk of the 5g matrix), L-citruline malate, L-leucine, creatine HCL, and agmatine sulfate. Please note that other than the beta alanine, none of these other ingredients meet their clinical dosages to be optimally effective.. All ingredients in this matrix are legit, but not really in their small amounts per serving respectively. Also these ingredients do not cause you to experience any acute effects , meaning that the beneficial effects of supplementing with them does not set in right away, rather only when you supplement with them on a continuous basis over time such as creatine and beta alanine do you begin to notice the gains. Agmatine sulfate is a potentially powerful neurotransmitter and is actually a pretty expensive ingredient known to be in some test boosters such as the Ronnie Coleman series Testogen XR. Its properties include potentially increasing the body's own production of leutinizing hormone, which stimulates the production of testosterone ultimately. In terms of a preworkout, it can help greatly with helping one to establish an enhanced mind-muscle connection nutrient transport. The intensity matrix contains a unique blend of cognitive enhancers.

    3) OVERALL (Aftermath): Price rating is average with a little leaning towards the cheap end since it's still under $1 a serving. Tastes amazing. Works very well with no crashing. For advanced stimulant users ONLY. I would not recommend this to people who are caffeine sensitive or people new to working out. Definitely would purchase again. The hype for Hyde is real since it does work. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!
  2. 5/5

    I used this before my leg work out this morning.

    Taste 10/10 Taste great, nice fruit punch flavor.

    Mix ability 10/10 Mixed Great in my shaker, no grit, no floaties.

    Energy 10/10 Energy was thru the roof, Stiff leg dead lift even the last heavy set easy!

    Focus 10/10 I did not want to stop, even did an extra set Pump 9/10 This is only thing I felt could have been better, but still it was very good.

    I would buy this product!

  3. Used this four times. Before my crossfit workouts. Best workouts I have had. I did a double header WOD. Second time was better than the first. Using it before work was a bad idea though. Always felt 'something' was going to happen. Not sure what. Not a good felling when working with machines. But just going home after was fine.

    8/10 for me
  4. 3/5

    I like an all around pretty workout. Pump, energy and focus. This was great for energy and maybe a little focus but that's it. If that's all your looking for then this is perfect for you. Or if you take an NO booster anyways it doesn't really matter. Warning though... has 300mg of stimulants. If your not used to alot of caffeine, then I'd take half a scoop to form a tolerance.
  5. 5/5

    I was trying different pre-workouts, and I just wasn't getting what I needed from them. Then I tried Prosupps Mr. Hyde.
    It gives me the energy I need to power through my workouts!
  6. 4/5

    I picked this up about a week ago just because ive heard of the solid stim rush it gives
    Taste: 4/5
    Mix ability: 5/5
    Energy: 5/5(this where it really shined for me, if your looking for a stim rush this would be a good option)
    The crash from this is what makes me not give it 5/5. as well as its not a fully disclosed label.
  7. 4/5

    great pre workout. not for beginners though. taste is okay, but slight chemical aftertaste.
  8. 5/5

    I'm a deal chaser so I usually grab what's on sale or what is BOGO. Because of this, I have tried many pre-workout formulas and I can tell what works well and what doesn't (for me, at least). Mr. Hyde is quite simply the best pre-workout I've ever used.

    I had the Orange Burst flavor and it tasted amazing. I followed the instructions on the bottle to not shake it and ended up putting it in a shaker cup with a blender ball and spinning it to create a whirlpool. The taste is very much of a "Tang" type orange drink, but it is also faint and not very strong. The caffeine amount is quite high, blowing most pre-workouts away so be wary if you are stimulant sensitive. Within 5 minutes, I can feel tingles going down my face and sometimes I will feel them in my thighs. I'm not even joking. You feel like electricity is coursing through your veins. I admittedly don't get proper sleep and workout after I get home from work. I'm used to working out when feeling like crap and this stuff usually made me feel great through 60% of my workout. There also was no noticeable crash so I would say that this stuff is at least good for a 1.5 hour workout of heavy weight lifting. I wouldn't touch the stuff if you're getting near a cardio machine, though.

    I have never tried the Pre Jym or Dust V2, which both also get nods for being great, so I can't speak to those, but for the what must be 25-30 pre-workouts I HAVE tried, Mr. Hyde takes the cake.



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