Origin (30 Servings)
Origin (30 Servings)



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Origin (30 Servings)

  1. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Genomyx Origin


    The Second I opened the sample the aroma of a dark cherry flavor filled the room, and my mom even yelled down the hall “What are you mixing now I know you are messing with your supplement powders because I can smell them.”
    I have had Cherry Protocol in the past and I would have to say this has a stronger taste compared to that. This reminds me just like UncleWade (a bodybuilding.com member) put during his log about the cran-raspberry juice. Its not 100% flavor of cherry but has a touch of raspberry that has a little of a bitter aftertaste. Its not overly sweet, but again I did mix it with 10oz of water, which will enhance the flavoring. Would I say this is the best tasting cherry I have ever had? Not by all means, but its not something that I would praise as far as flavoring goes, I bet this would grow on me with more samples or a full tub, but overall I would give it around a 7.5/10 as far as flavoring goes.


    2 Scoops (Sample baggy) with 10oz of water as directed by Armando and Tyler (Owner/Rep) of the company, just a touch of foam after shaking for 15-20 seconds, but it settled shortly after. There was 0 problems and no particles from the powder floating around.


    My workout today consisted of: Deficit Deadlifts, Wide Grip Seated Row Dropset (for 5 sets) then a barbell row and Hyperextension superset, topped off with a short burst of bicep exercises (Deadlifts/Pull + Bicep). Starting off the workout I did take my origin around 30 minutes prior to this fasted workout. On my way to the gym (10 minute drive) I did start a feel a sense of energy rushing through me (as pre-workouts often hit harder in a fasted state or further away from food). I have only had a few pre-workouts in the past that cause me to jitter, but I had none of this as I did arrive to the gym.

    Starting the workout:
    5 Minute bike-warm up, and then a few warm-up sets before getting into my 6 working sets of deficit deadlifts, and still no jitters, and again smooth energy that was not overpowering, but enough to really keep me focused and adding weight to the bar from the previous week.
    Moving into my next movement (Wide grip rows) and then the superset of Rows and Hyperextensions I felt no drop in energy, and also felt good endurance throughout the entire workout up to this point. After pounding through the superset touching up arms was a walk in the park and I was in and out in under 60 minutes while hitting a total of 25 working sets with 5 dropsets, 6 sets of deficit deads, and then 2 supersets for biceps and lower back work (since this is a weak point of mine)
    Finishing the workout – I did a bit of post-workout cardio on the treadmill to get the blood going (I usually separate cardio from weights if I can) but I had to work shortly after this session so I tacked it onto post-workout. Energy was still present (from the 200mg of caffine or 340mg of di) and I still felt a good pump running through my body as I had finished my workout quite a few minutes ago. The muscle hardness was prolonged and I could easily feel good recovery from the session already and not much muscle or overall fatigue from pushing myself and beating what I did the previous session.
    I would have to say origin really shines with a bit of pump (Citrulline) and recovery with very to little jitters throughout my session. Its very hard to guage the pre-workout supplement as a whole with one sample, but from what I tried the effects were well worth it and something I will highly consider in the future. Being a big fan of Genomyx and using SSv2 and Gut Health on the daily they have really put together another solid product.

    Speaking of the pump, I got a picture post-workout after my session and its pretty clear my back and arms were still pumped up even after cardio


    3g of Citrulline
    *Blunt skeletal muscle pH drop
    Reduce post workout soreness
    Increased tolerance to fatigue

    3g Trimethylglycine
    *Increase GH, IGF-1 response to training
    Reduce cortisol response to training
    Improve body composition
    Improve power output and quality of exercise
    Rhodiola Rosea

    .5g Rhodiola Rosea
    * Adaptogen helping the body cope with strenuous exercise
    Enhance cognitive function
    Improve mood and energy levels
    Cardio protective

    2.g Theanine
    *Increase focus and relaxed attention
    Smooth the energy from caffeine
    Improve exercise tolerance and resistance to fatigue
    Accelerate mental recovery from exercise
    Origin Overview:

    340mg of Di-caffeine malate
    ** This relates to around 200mg Caffeine as found in most pre-workout products.

    Overall A major thank you to Tyler (Tyler44) from Genomyx for the sample. Great job Armando on again another solid product.

    Anabolic Minds Site Rep
  2. 3/5

    I wanted to give 3.5 starts, because I think that is pretty good out 5. It mixes very well with nothing left over after shaking up a shaker bottle real well. One thing that bothers me though is that if you get some on your hands it makes your hands red. As far as taste goes it is ok but could be better. It has a slight dirt like aftertaste to it, but if you let it sit that seems to go away a bit. For energy, it is very good. Not overly stimulated either. All you need is the two scoop serving. What I do is separate the scoops though. One pre workout and one I add to water and sip it during my workout . It keeps me going. One other thing I find strange with this product is that it makes me thirsty. The more I drink it the more thirsty I get. Never had this type of reaction from a pre workout before so I don't know what to think. The energy and endurance is really where this product shines though. It does pack a punch, and you absolutely do not need more than the recommended dosage per workout. As far as the price goes, it is more than worth it.

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