Liquid PH-19
Liquid PH-19 "Chrome Series" (6 oz)


LG Sciences (Legal Gear)

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Liquid PH-19 "Chrome Series" (6 oz)

  1. 4/5

    LG Sciences PH19 8 week review at 8 doses a day

    strength: bench went from 200x9 to 230x10, squat went from 255x7 to 300x6, deadlift went from 330x6 to 365x4

    size: started at 175lbs, ended at 198lbs , gains started in a wild fashion during the 4 week mark

    bodyfat: started at 10 percent, ended at 12 percent

    mood: first 2 weeks i didnt notice a difference then the final 6 weeks i noticed i was getting angry alot faster

    side effects: anger increase after 2 weeks of use thats all

    diet was at 4500 calories a day

    trained 5 days a week basically a typical bodybuiding split but i trained everything twice a week

    no cardio done during this cycle

    im 3 weeks in pct and ive not only retained all ive gained, but im up actually up 1.5lbs, still gaining..but slowly,,, but good to see this ph is realy good

  2. Great Review buddy! Glad you enjoyed it!!
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  3. As I'm now at the end of this (Sad Deadman is sad...), I want to thank BigMikeC and LG Sciences for this opportunity... A truly wonderful product...!!! I've had past experiences with their products and have always had great success... From the earlier versions of M1-D and MMv to the current PH17 and PH 19... I've noticed an increase in muscle size and strength continued to rise, even when I cut back my cals for a video shoot... I highly reccomend this product to anyone wanting to gain some mass... I'd give it a 9.5/10... The only drawbacks were slight leakage (very minor) and the numbers rub off of the oral syringe (Which is easily fixed with putting some tape at the dosage level...) Again, thank you very much for this opportunity...!!! Very minimal sides, slight acne on shoulders...

  4. I had great gains... Didn't keep them all. And the anger issues kinda scary... Don't mix with alcohol.

    Great product, the first PH I have used so I can't compare but I will say I have never experience such fast gains. And some weight increase.

  5. I enjoyed my time using PH19, had great increased in strength and mass most noticeable was adding 50lbs to bench press and ended up curling 155 and added about 3/4 inch to arms, give it a 9/10


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