MMv3 and TesTren combo full Review!



How long?
-6 weeks

What doses?
-First 1 and a half week, went with around 5 doses a day of each, 1ml of Testren, waited 15 mins, 1.5ml of MMv3
-The rest of the way went with 3-4 doses a day, same 1ml tt, 1.5 mmv3

Why change the dose?
-Wanted to make the cycle last longer, plus I don't think a higher dose would have dramatic effects once its already "kicked" in.

-Overall gains in 6 weeks (actually more like 5 because I haven't been in the gym for almost a week now..yikes!) were ........
-Around 20lbs .....every scale is different, but i did weigh myself at the same time every scale, 20-22lbs seems to be the overall gain
-Bodyfat went down a percent even though I didn't really try. I might of said "im trying to lose bodyfat", but deep down inside I was worried about packing on more muscle.
-Strength increases were pretty retarded .......20-30lb increases on all my lifts .....week 3 is where the fun happens!

-Within a couple mins of injecting either TT or mmv3, I would feel very very confident and almost like a arrogant son of a B****. Which I LOVED. lol

Vascularity / Muscle Fullness / Hardness
-Within a few mins of injecting TT, my muscles would feel like they are bursting out of my muscles. AWESOME AWESOME feeling!
-With the MMv3, my heart rate would go up and my veins would start popping out?! Once again awesome!

What kind of person / athlete is TesTren and MMv3 designed for?
-Someone that doesn't fear overtraining.
-Someone that doesn't moan about overtraining.
-Someone that isn't afraid to get a little sweaty.
-Someone that is looking to push their body to its limits.
-Someone that isn't afraid to eat. (ALOT)
-Someone that understands hypertrophy and hyperplasia
-Sorry this ain't for your typical whiner or any of you low volume 5/3/1 guys!
-^^^Just took a dose of TT right before making this review....can't you tell by the arrogance?? hahah. I mean yeah this can work for the typical overtraining whiner and the low volume 5/3/1 guys, of course. Usually when someone logs a PH, and they only gain like 5-8lbs from it and then replying with..."it didnt really do anything"....are the guys who fear pushing their bodies to the limit.

-Appetite went through the roof!

Oh and no side effects!

Fuark me I feel good on this Stack. I gotta give this a 5/5!

Grow TIME!