Platinum PRE (30 servings)
Platinum PRE (30 servings)


Optimum Nutrition

Price: $34.95

Rating: 3.71 out of 5 stars, based on 7 total reviews.
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Platinum PRE (30 servings)

  1. 5/5

    PROS: Great energy, "good" clean energy, not the cracked out feeling like jack3d. Noticeable differences in strength and endurance. Will keep using
    CONS: - There is a horrible peppery taste but you get used to it and its only at the end of consuming.
    Not many servings but you get what you pay for.
  2. 4/5

    enjoyed the free sample with order of supplements. easy to mix with water, very fruity (think it was raspberry) but not overly intense in terms of sweet/sour/tart. 200mg/serving of caffeine is a little on the high side for me but the dosing of the other ingredients made it worth the small sacrifice in resting heart rate being elevated. the crash was gradual, but drink water throughout the day since caffeine is a diuretic. used it for a cardio day and it made it more enjoyable.
  3. 5/5

    I caught a promotion by ON to be a beta tester for their new pre workout supplement Platinum PRE. I sent an email in and today I received a big envelope from ON I opened up and there was 2 packets of Platinum PRE. I ripped open the Raspberry first and poured it in my shaker almost immediately. I saw in the back that one packet was 2 servings but since I have a very high tolerance to pwo I took the whole thing.

    I put about 16oz of water and drank it down.

    10 mins in my ears were all itchy lol. It was too funny, I was cracking up. It went away after 10 minutes.

    Taste gets a 9. Suprised me because I do not like Raspeberry but it was good! Not sweet, no sour, it was pretty nice. No after taste when it was done.

    Energy gets a 9.5 as well. I walk to the post office to mail something and I was walking a super fast pace for some reason lol. And I'm a very slow walker. At the gym I was killing it!

    Focus gets a 10. While I went to the post office and did another stuff at the house all I wanted to do is get to the gym already and workout. While driving I was all focused too. At the gym nothing caught my attention but the weights.

    Mixability gets a 10. There was a little left in the bottom because I had washed my shaker before pouring the powder in. So I guess it got stuck there because of that. But when there was a bit left I shook it and it was all gone. That was a my fault. Little foam on top after I first shook it but there as little to none after I took my first sip.

    Little note: I peed 5x in an hour after drinking this lol.
    Note 2: My lats were super sore yesterday and today, today was back day and after my first exercise(pull downs) was over I was no longer sore!

  4. Fruit Punch Flavor

    Mixing was excellent, 9. Little residue at the bottom again but that was my fault again for washing the shaker before and not drying it. You can see in my picture that there was a lot of foam though, size of my thumb to be exact. Foam only decreased after I had drank half of it.

    Taste was blah, 5. I'm not a big fan of Fruit Punch but some supplements that are fruit punch I either like it or I don't. I didn't with this one.

    Energy wasn't there, 5. Glad I took the whole packet instead of half. I am feeling very alive though, so I'll report back later today to see if the same effect from yesterday will happen or if there is any crash.

    Focus gets a 9. Nothing distracted me today at the gym.

    Pump gets a 8. They didn't last more than 15 mins after I was done with my workout. Even though while working out arms today it felt like my skin was going to rip. Had some new veins popping up as well.

    Note: Read yesterday that this contains "Capsimax which is an encapsulated capsaicin / hot pepper extract." I did not feel any on the raspberry yesterday but I did today. Didn't like that. I hate pepper and anything spicy. I don't eat them and i always stay away from spicy food. I bit one and mouth was very hot. I hated it!

    Note 2: I got the itchy ear again today but only for 2 minutes. Than it was my back that was all itchy for a good 20 minutes.

    Note 3: Pooped twice within 30 minutes of taking this. But no peeing so much in an hour like raspberry from yesterday.

    Overall I did not like Fruit Punch.
    Army Veteran. OEF.
  5. 2/5

    Price: 1/5
    $34 for 30 servings? That's $1.13 a serving and if your the least bit tolerant to pre's and up it to 2 servings that's $2.26 per workout

    It mixes and taste pretty good...unless you chomp on a piece of capsicum in which case you're mouth will have a burning sensation.

    Effects: 2/5
    Wanna know what it feels like? Take a caffeine pill with a sprinkle of beta-alanine. No notice of increased pump or energy(Other then caffeine) made me disappointed.

    If it was priced competitively I might recommend this product to beginners who want to start taking a pre workout. But it seems like a way for them to cash in on the preworkout business.
  6. 4/5

    One scoop is effective in giving you a nice boost and substantial pumps.
    Two scoops will greatly improve the pumps, but for me 400mgs of caffeine was way too strong.
  7. 3/5

    Has good taste not to much stimulant, got a good work out with a normal pump. I think it works well but is just a normal PWO, There are better products out there1
  8. 3/5

    I had a 2 serving sample packet. I like 200-300mg caffeine PWO. So I took 1.5 servings. The beta-alanine tingles hit me pretty hard 15 minutes after I took it. Compared to other times I've taken 300mg caffeine, I got a really good energy rush and focus. I was really amped throughout the whole 55 min GVT should/ab workout. I was not impressed with the pump considering my dose had 3g L-Citrulline. I took a while for my muscles to get full during my workout. The fruit punch flavor was fine. It could have mixed better. And this is not a cost effective product. For the price, you should be getting a lot more ingredients like taurine, betaine, creatine, etc. Performance seemed to be pretty good with this.


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