Paragon (90 Caps)
Paragon (90 Caps)


Premium Nutraceuticals (PNI)

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Paragon (90 Caps)

  1. 5/5

    I used this as part of my 4 week PNI triple threat challenge.
    I used this as part of a simple yet effective stack,as you all know Prodigy was there,and just the basic staples,so it was not part of a natty stack or PCT that I was able to use this as part of,which does make it harder for me to guage its effectiveness.I would love to and plan on running this as part of a PCT and natty stack in the future because thats where I personally can tell how a product in its specific category does or does not work for me.

    Overall impression,it worked great!I had signs of all the things I personally look for when taking an AI and or test booster.My libido was up pretty high the majority of the run,there were a few days where it seemed to just disappear,but it quickly bounced right back.My appetite while on this product was insane,which is one very strong reason why I want to try it as part of a natty or PCT.My mood was up and down,but I did have some raise in aggression,not much but enough to where others around me noticed.I had a very nice leaning out and dried out effect while taking this,became very vascular and shedded some weight that I honestly did not know I had to shed in certain areas.I had very nice muscle fullness as well while taking Paragon.I also had some amazing sleep while taking this product,some very vivid dreams as well.

    Acne was the big one for me,I had an extreme increase in acne,and in weird places like calves and forearms.I also noticed my hair was growing quite quick compared to my normal hair growth.I did not have any extreme joint dryness,but there were a few days where I started to feel my wrist and my elbows start to dry out,mainly towards the end of the bottle,which I easily combated by upping my oxi-mega intake.I did have some pressure in my head,no extreme headaches like I have received from DAA in the past,but there was some pressure worth noting.The wild dreams are something I could live without,but the sleep being so good balanced it out.I did have a few days where I felt like an emotional wreck,but it quickly went away.

    I really enjoyed this product,as I said before I look forward to trying it as part of a natty stack and running it a bit longer to guage full benefits and results.It worked very well for me in the 4 weeks I used it,and I will use it again.There were no extreme sides from Paragon,the ones I did have I personally do not mind as it helps me somewhat know what is taking place in my body.I have never used NMDA before and Paragon has peaked my interest in it for sure,overall amazing product and I received great benefits from it.I truly believe that PNI is onto something here,and cant wait to give this product a full run and see what it really offers!Feel free to read up on my experience day for day where I logged this product.
    Mack presents the PNI triple threat stack transformation!
  2. 2/5

    I took this product as recommended for eight weeks. Can't say I really noticed anything. Libido actually went down when I took this. Notice much better results with a regular DAA product. Would not recommend.
  3. bjordan
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    Used this with formeron following a 1/4 andro 4 week run and i feel like a boss still gaining strength in pct. Highly impressed. Good product
  4. 3/5

    This completely killed my libido. Im sure its an awesome product but its not worth sacrificing sex drive for gains


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