Red Raspberry Xpand 2x

First and foremost, a big thank you to joakman and the studs over at Dymatize for sending me a full tub of their preworkout Xpand 2x Ė thus the least I can do is put up some of my personal thoughts and give some feedback on the product. With that saidÖ Letís jump right onnn eennn.

Iíve used about half to the tub to this point, by itself as well as in addition to Body Octane OG Citrus so Iíve had several workouts with it under my belt at this point.

Taste: Taste is an area that in and of itself that wonít make or break an efficacious product (well, I take that back Ė Madness murdered my taste buds and nauseated me pretty bad), but holy taste of all that is amazing Ė RED RASPBERY X2X is very possibly the best tasting pre-workout/supplement Iíve had up there with OG Body Octane and Georgia Peach Poseidon of which should speak plenty highly off the bat by itself. An easy10/10, and when added with Body Octane = 12/10 srs. Stuff is absolutely delicious, and Iíve heard the RasLemonade is the best on the market. Will definitely be one of my purchases come Spring.

Focus: I always train fasted as I get a better response to the ingredients, and am able to excel per lift much better. Also worthy of noting is that most products will have nil affect in the energy/focus department for me Ė Xpand 2x is not one, thankfully. I dosed 2 scoops about 20 mins out, and was ready to pick stuff up and put it back down within 10 mins and puummpped to do it. I havenít used many products to compare to regarding Gluoronolactone nor NAT, but they both tagged in with caffeine and rhodiola rosea (mildly, as it plays a better adaptogen role) and I was in the zone. Nothing overly tunnel visioned, but I could notice that I was dialing in when driving to the gym (~5min drive) Ė plenty perfect, as the Craze induced tunnel vision was far too much and overwhelming. 8.5/10

Pump: Pump can be achieved through a hypertrophic lift; however, much of my use with X2X has been with Power days Ė of which the agmatine definitely did its job. Again, nothing overwhelimg/painful (a la 9g citmal), but a nice addition to improve the mind-muscle connection aplenty. Add some CitMal to this product (which I did, 7g) and you have possibly one of the best overall preworkouts in the game, and easily the best tasting. 8/10

Endurance: Easily the selling point in this product, IMO. Train fasted (upon waking) + Mild stims (focus) + Beta Alanine + (i]most importantly[/i]) COP & a BCAA blend. The latter two are two of my favorite ingredients/additions of any formula. COP has the ability to improve endurance with even the first dose, and BCAAs need no explanations. Truly the winning aspect of this formula, aside from the flavoring, and the sole reason why I will continually have this in my paltry preworkout stash. 9.5/10

Overall: Focusing in on the focus & endurance portions of Xpand 2x lend themselves very well to being a stellar product. I didnít snap any pre/post lift shots, but the amount of pump I got was just the right amount Ė of which is better than the alternatives IMO. Overall, itís a product I will easily return to, and stack with Body Octane for epic tasting + epic results on the regular. 9.35/10

Again, thanks to the fellas over at Dymatize doing big things and being generous enough for an entire tub ďsampleĒ Ė and for joakman for being on top of his game with the sole-repping. Much appreciated!

Post up any questions, and Iíll be sure to answer what I can and defer to joak if need be.