FRL Alpha Mass (previous formula).

I liked the product overall. I feel that I had some gains, Im on my last week of the 4 week cycle. It is possible I will keep going for another two weeks. The effects (positive) took about three weeks to surface.

On week three my strength really increased. I moved up about 10 20 lbs on all exercises.

My physique is improving. I am dropping a little BF but not much. Little cardio has been completed because I have been over sleeping.

Definitely saw a difference in performance and size when I started going heavier.

The sides are aggression and acne for me. Acne is all over. Face, arms, chest, and back. However, I am prone to acne, I had really bad as a teen and even in my adult life I still get acne. So for me it wasn't surprise. My libido was not effected at all. I think it improved, actually. And the lethargy. OH MY GOODNESS! I was so lethargic the first two weeks. However I slept wonderfully. I think it is doesed low. I started at 3 caps twice a day for the first two and half weeks. I then moved to 4 caps twice a day and I really saw a difference.

Out of 5... A 4 rating for me.
Strength 4/5
Pumps and vascular 5/5 (awesome pumps and veins galore)
Sides 3/5
Gains 3/5
Focus Aggression in Gym 4/5
Recovery 4/5