Condense (40 Servings)
Condense (40 Servings)


Purus Labs

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Condense (40 Servings)

  1. Re: Condense (40 Servings)


    Smell - 9/10

    Awesome smell. No chemical smell and was very distinct watermelon aroma.

    Mixability - 9/10

    There was absolutely zero sediment when mixing ConDense. The only thing I noticed was there was quite a bit of foam on top but after a couple of swirls the foam subsided to a minimum. One of the best mixing products Ive ever seen. Similar to amino mixing.

    Taste - 10/10

    Hands down the best tasting supp I have ever had. No chemical taste. Not overpowering. Smooth and amazing. Homerun guys.

    Focus - 7/10

    Had good focus the entire time I was using ConDense. No tunnel vision but was very good the one time I used it by itself.

    Energy - 8/10

    Very smooth energy and no crash. 400mgs caffeine is a great pickme up and a nice even rush for the entire workout. I also felt like ConDense was INTENSIFYING Muscle Marinade. It opend my veins up so much that I was getting EVERYTHING from MM when they were stacked.

    Endurance - 10/10

    I hit some rep PR's in the last few weeks and I attribute that to the increased bloodflow and oxegenation of the blood alot.

    Strength - 6-10

    No noticeable strength increase when I used ConDense by itself but I didnt expect any. I didnt fall off at all due to the increased energy tho so Im satisfied with this aspect.

    Pumps - 9/10

    This is where ConDense shines. It took about three to four days for the nitrates to really build up in my system otherwise this would be a 10. After the initial "Loading" phase the pumps got better and better with each use. Today (my last day) was the best yet. Dissapointed that I ran out cause I was surprised how strong the pumps were today and Im too cheap to buy more right now :P Vascularity got better every day and the last couple weeks I have had some of the best "veinage" ever in my triceps/quads/shoulders.

    Overall - 9/10

    For me I didnt expect mindblowing strength increases on this product. I graded it for what I expect it to be. A pump product with a good pick me up. I have only ever had one other pump product deliver like ConDense has. This is now 100% in my top 10 supps. Amazing pumps, awesome vascularity, great smooth energy, best taste of ANY supplement drink and very low price for what it offers. Purus hit a home run with ConDense and there will be plenty in my Supp cupboard from now on.
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    Never had a problem and running 1 scoop of condense the entire workout log, the energy was streaming, no jitters, and was very smooth from drinking the pre-workout until the post-workout period nothing bad to say about this product at all regarding it

    Good, nothing mind blowing,but still very noticeable, i stopped taking hemavol during this log to put 100% sole focus on Condense and seeing how it did treat me in this department. i would give it a good 7-8/10 on this aspect. If stacked with Hemavol this would be deadly.

    Again just like labeled in energy, i was focused weather i was training at 3 p.m. or 4:30 A.M. the product got the job done period. Very happy with this aspect.

    Very noticeable look at the workouts, look at the increased, and look at the pictures, Proof is in the pudding it works. Period.
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  3. 5/5

    Taste is good, found no strength increase really but.. the pumps are skin stretching good. Give it a couple days. By the end of the week you will be glad you used it.

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