Flying Ninja Monkey Tears (1 ampule)
Flying Ninja Monkey Tears (1 ampule)



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Flying Ninja Monkey Tears (1 ampule)

  1. 5/5

    Great product. I did a 8 week cycle. First of all the taste was great. I purchased the lemon cake flavor. The liquid looks clear but tastes exactly like lemon cake!. Now on to the results. The first workout went well. After a set of shoulder shrugs I could hardly lift my arms from the pumps!. Starting at week two I was gaining reps each workout, so much so that I had to eventually add weight. 50 pounds total added to my squats...20 pounds to my deadlifts, and my bench...Don't get me started!....You just gotta try this stuff. Truly amazing!
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    Biased. You got it free.

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