BPI Blox Review (Grape)

  1. BPI Blox Review (Grape)

    Grape fans BLOX does not disappoint. This flavor appears to be very scarce so start hunting. Every flavor I've tried so far hasn't disappointed me. BLOX is hands down the best tasting Amino supplement on the market.

    BLOX mixes instantly, another plus with this supplement. The verdict is still out on SAA's. I'll follow up in a few weeks and post my thoughts on SAA's and their overall effectiveness. The price tag is very steep for 30 servings. Is the flavor and mixture enough to keep most users satisfied? 10 more servings would likely do the trick.

  2. Love to hear more now that you've had it a few weeks. Any updates?

  3. Love the taste of BPI protein shakes. But got turned off by the use of high fructose corn syrup...

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