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  2. 5/5

    My first impressions of Black Cat V.2 were not stellar at all, in fact I remember even telling an AppNut Rep that it was milder than having even 1 caffeine pill.

    Upon continued use I decided to experiment a bit, and found that actually...I was actually getting used to the idea of being a cracked out stim junkie, and started noticing that Black Cat V.2 was actually being Milder on my system yet, make no mistake, powerful. I noticed it when it was able to kick me out of bed at 6am one day with only 1 cap, along with 1 bronkaid (total Eph Addict here)...the sensation did not hit me, but rather eased into me as I was getting dressed and preparing myself for a good old 6-7 mile run. Well Black Cat V.2 did NOT disappoint.

    The thing and reason I review this with 5 stars is not only because that day I noticed my heart rate didn't race, and crash was NON existent the WHOLE day...but I also noticed that it was the same way even on HEAVY Powerlifting days! In addition I did sweat substantially more and managed to get the same will to finish all my sets and cardio time for my proceeding workouts.

    The formula may not look like much, but the proper dose of those ingredients (which AppNut figured out apparently) can make for a very pleasant workout and a good substitute for Caffeine Pills for the EC stack, or simply for a good KICK to get outta bed and get going!

    Will definitely recommend my friends about it.

  3. Great review Celorza. Happy to hear that you liked Black Cats V.2 and found a sweet spot for their use!

    I've been using them for almost a month and I noticed right away that I didn't get that initial jolt of energy either. I did however notice that the energy was steady and tapered off gently over the course of the day. It's not like some products that hit you like a ton of bricks but then quickly start to wear off and result in a crash.

  4. Thanks for the great feedback!

    Team APPNUT
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative
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  5. Thanks for the review
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  6. Completely agree with you Dewey, it is not a sudden rush, but it also does NOT crash!! It's a good energy supplement indeed!

    And no, thanks to you guys for coming out with Black Cat V.2 It was my pleasure to use it!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  7. I had the same first impression - I wanted a stim smack to the face. The more I thought about form and function my opinion shifted and it became pretty clear what the formula was intended to accomplish. Makes Black Cats much more versatile in usage as well: work, school, going out, girls... now it's part of my "Saturday Night Stack."
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