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  1. 4 out of 5 rating for Prodigy

    Prodigy is PNI's new preworkout. Providing plenty of energy, nice pumps, and great taste. I used the blueberry flavor and have to say it delivered. Profile is complete with ingredients like Citrulline Malate and Agmatine. The stim effect is noticeable and clean, no noticeable crash from taking this. Would recommend this to anyone looking to try a different preworkout.

    Prep's becoming a Prodigy? PNI Sponsored Log
  2. 5 out of 5 rating for Prodigy

  3. 3 out of 5 rating for Prodigy

    Ok first of all I have the blueberry flavor. The first day I took it, it tasted like medicine to me. When I opened the container I noticed the powder had a lot of chunks in it. I weighed out the exact dosage for one serving. Within about 15 minutes I started to notice beta alanine tingling all over and very strong, like I had double dosed some ba. I decided to use this for cardio days as it seems to have a strong endurance related formula. It mixed well in a blender with 16 oz of water. At the gym while doing my cardio the tingles got even stronger and I seemed to sweat more, but didn't notice much else. This was Tuesday 8/28/2012.

    Now today (8/30/2012) was another cardio day. This time I also walk home from the gym.
    This time I weighed out exactly 1.5 servings. Also this time I shook up the bottle before opening and I also broke some of the chunks of the product up before weighing it out. Today I didn't feel the beta alanine tingles but I did feel energy but it wasn't like your typical energy boost from a pre-workout product. It was more like it was there when I needed it kind of energy. When I got to the gym I didn't feel it till I started my cardio. I was able to push myself harder and get my heart rate up higher for a longer period of time. It felt like my legs had their own engine and all I had to do was start and they would continue for me. I just kept going and going and pushing and pushing. Cardio was a breeze. Even on the walk home they energy didn't let up. I even felt like I wanted to run and this was after an hour long cardio session. I didn't run though because my knees can't take that. I sure walked home fast though. It took me half the time it normally takes to walk home. Still now I can tell the energy is there. I will be sticking to this product for my pre-cardio. The only thing I don't really like about this product is it did seem to give me a bit of gas/stomach trouble for a little while after I took it. Nothing too bad, but noticeable.

  4. Have to post an update because I didn't take it today. I can tell a huge difference in endurance today. As in, there is a lot less of it without taking Prodigy. I had energy all day from this stuff. Taking it again tomorrow for more cardio!. I love this stuff!. I would take it everyday but I want it to last longer.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone
    Have to post an update because I didn't take it today. I can tell a huge difference in endurance today. As in, there is a lot less of it without taking Prodigy. I had energy all day from this stuff. Taking it again tomorrow for more cardio!. I love this stuff!. I would take it everyday but I want it to last longer.
    Same problem I have! I'm running alpha mine right now and it says not to combine other stims with it so I'm not. There's a huge difference when you take prodigy and you don't.
    PES R&D

  6. It has to be the COP in it because that is the only ingredient I haven't taken before in the formula. Well except for Cymbidium Goeringii Extract and D-glucurono-3,6-lactone. Sure I've taken a few sample sizes of maybe one or two pre workouts that had it in it, but not nearly enough to actually get any kind of effect from it. Thanks for the good size doses PNI!.
  7. 5/5

    Personally I have used many many many pres in my day...everyone from MT and BSN and all the little companies well I finally had found my perfect pre...well almost perfect, and that was craze mixed with hemavol...only problem was it made me crash so hard about an hour after the gym I would get grumpy and just did not want to be bothered...I eventually learned to take 1/4 scoop of craze post workout to help bring me down got expensive lol...Along comes PNI Prodigy, and I was skeptical at first but after reading the ingredients and trying 1 full scoop, I was blown away...I had pumps that lasted a good 2 hours after the gym and focus that was fantastic! I really wish I could of wrote a review before becoming a rep for PNI because you would see that im not just being bias.

    Pros: Energy,Focus was amazing and NO crash
    Pumps were crazy... they almost hurt on arm day lol
    Taste was not bad at all with 6oz water

    Cons: BA tingles may not be everyones picnic but they do go away and I personally enjoy the feeling because it feels like my pre is doing something

  8. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone
    It has to be the COP in it because that is the only ingredient I haven't taken before in the formula. Well except for Cymbidium Goeringii Extract and D-glucurono-3,6-lactone. Sure I've taken a few sample sizes of maybe one or two pre workouts that had it in it, but not nearly enough to actually get any kind of effect from it. Thanks for the good size doses PNI!.
    Yeah the COP works wonders and this is why I use this. Very generous doses of effective ingredients.
    PES R&D

  9. Today I didn't feel it as much. Still had plenty of endurance but it didn't seem as strong. I shook up the container before taking a serving again. I don't think it all mixes up evenly because today I felt the BA was stronger but with less endurance. Last time I had less BA tingles and had more endurance. Also this time I had much more concentration effects. Felt tunnel vision experience for the first time on this for about 15 minutes after drinking.
  10. 5/5

    Ok I am no stranger to Pre Workouts, and my experiences have been vast in this area. First of all one thing I have to say first for Prodigy, is that it's a basic and simple product, with one of the most effective formulas in the market, showing that simplicity is often key for greater achievements.

    I had the pleasure to log a full tub of Prodigy, my experiences can be found here for further info and more detail:
    PNI arrives, Guns blazing! Prodigy: First Gladiator for the Arena! (Sponsored)

    Now as for my final impressions on it:

    Energy: 5/5

    Reason I say this it's because it has the needed amount of Caffeine Per Scoop to get you out of bed. The fun doesn't stop there, prodigy comes packed with 1 key ingredient also, Orchidlean a novel ingredient that aside from being a powerful and clean stimulant, helps with:
    -Indirect Support of Thermogenic Effects
    This kind of Ingredient is what set PNI aside from most companies, reason being is that they show and have the will to innovate and bring forth new tools for the development of our bodies.
    The energy provided by their combination is rather CLEAN and SMOOTH, with it's added benefit being that I suffered NO crash from it at all even at times where I used 1.5 scoops. On a side note it also helped to have a positive upbeat and mood, and it did make me sweat like a little sweeney on the way to the slaughterhouse.

    Vasodilation: 5/5
    This is one of the most important roles of a Pre Workout, and IMO it is the job of "Sanity-check, Mental-support" why do I label a mere pump like that? Because we get often frustrated when we see no results in the mirror...specially when we are in action. Prodigy has a way of making you release your inner beast in front of the mirror when working out, helping lazy veins pop up and say "HI WORLD!" and it delivers muscle fullness and skin-tearing pumps that are something to be seen to be believed. Their origin? Quite simple! Citrulline Malate, Orchidlean and Agmatine Sulfate, 3 ingredients that in combination have shone in the Vasodilation arsenal Prodigy brings to the table.

    Taste: 5/5
    Blueberry...oh blueberry...I cannot say I have had the pleasure of trying a new brand of preworkout and liked it...until now! I was real skeptical since I saw the combination of ingredients and thought..."I've had Beta-Alanine and agmatine sulfate powders before...and they taste like...WOOF!!!" But to my surprise the flavoring delivers: It says blueberry because it does taste like BLUEBERRY! and that's a first...I remember once trying another brands drink...and it was "Peach Punch"...well it tasted like "P1ss Punch" , Prodigy however is like taking a chilled giant blueberry and sucking it dry of its delicious and fresh taste. Kudos on this, taste is wonderful.

    Mixability: 5/5
    Mixed immediately, no foam, no clumps and no residue stuck to the bottom of the shaker cup!

    Endurance: 5/5
    Again, couldnt go wrong here! COP+Beta Alanine+Creatine Di-Malate+Agmatine sulfate+Citrulline Malate...this just means a perfect and more efficient workout, with the help of better NO production and added the saturartion of creatine and beta alanine stores in the muscle, COP and Citrulline malate come in to deliver the endurance and strength boosts one needs to break PRs! True you won't break PRs EVERY SINGLE DAY on the gym, BUT you will have a much more efficient workout and more chances of doing so on Prodigy!

    For even more detail check the log to get more Day to Day updates and even YouTube Videos done for the Log including: "In Action" videos at the gym, and detailed comments made my Yours Truly about the might of this amazing Pre-Workout.

    To PNI , Chad and Ricky...You made an amazing product here :) I am glad I was able to log it and very thankful for it!

  11. Wow some good reviews for this I will have to get my hands on some!
  12. 4/5

    I had a 3-day trial with Prodigy to give a quick glimpse into the first impressions. Not going into numbers as it wou;dn't be relevant this short but here's the review:

    DAY 1 - Chest/Tricep
    DAY 2 - Shoulders
    Day 3 - Legs
    Routine: BMF Phase 2 (4 sets, 12-15 generally), 30min treadmill @ 7.0, 0% incline.

    -I had the watermelon flavor which has the common pink color you see with powdered products. Doesn't stain my hands or shaker cup - always a plus. Flavor was weak, tried different concentrations of water with it but just doesn't hold the tastes I'd like to have. It would go really good to mix with another synergistic product!
    -Reviewing the breakdown on the label, the profile is stacked. It looks like a winner with all the right weapons one looks for in a pre-workout energy boost. I have never used creatin-o-phosphate and only recently learned of it. Very excited to see how it affects my lifts.
    -Played around with variability in timing and food intake as to effect and onset. It's best to not eat within 1 hour prior to taking Prodigy for the full onset to occur. It only takes about 20-30minutes before BA tingles come in and respiration opens up.
    -The most noticable and desirable effect Prodigy has to offer is the reserve energy tank it creates when going for the last rep. Especially in a "train to failure" format Prodigy delivers to bring in the one more rep to pass that barrier. This has to be my favorite part of the three day crash course was how my reps always came in the high end of the range. It does feel as if I tapped into some hidden reserve fuel cell for the right moment when needed.
    -I've been running a few miles post workout and the sustained drive to move forward continues on. It took a few minutes to pass my initial lack of desire to run but once I got going I could have run forever.

    -Day 3: Legs. Now I'm starting to notice the minute connections I have developed mind-to-muscle with my legs. Focus in on my lifts became crystal clear. Can't say my attention was undivided by the workout but the heightened awareness to the FEEL of my body was golden.

    All said and done: it was a nice week with Prodigy. Recommended for the short term breakout energy taps to get those extra reps you've been stalling on. Training programs such as 5/3/1, DC, or any low rep/high resistance format would greatly benefit from this. The formula is versatile to any athlete or fitness fan. I do which it had a little more flavor but that's minor compared to what I loved about it. Will invest in the future!!!!

  13. Did 40 grams today. Feel kind of strange today. Took it at 10 am. Now its 3PM and I feel kind of "out of it". So I'm not sure if I'm just crashing, tired or what. Still good stuff, but maybe I over did it a bit.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone
    Did 40 grams today. Feel kind of strange today. Took it at 10 am. Now its 3PM and I feel kind of "out of it". So I'm not sure if I'm just crashing, tired or what. Still good stuff, but maybe I over did it a bit.
    How many scoops is that?
    PES R&D

  15. It's just short of 3 servings, but it was 2 big scoops.

  16. your crazy!
    PES R&D

  17. Feel much better now but I was shaky just 2 hours ago at 3PM. I went to lay down and read a magazine and noticed the magazine was shaking a bit in my hands. Wasn't freaked out at all though, just didn't expect that.

  18. A flat scoop has 300 mg of caffeine!!
    PES R&D

  19. Oh, oops, didn't realize that. I still love it though!. You would think I would be freaking out with all that caffeine!. Plus the serving size is 1 "rounded" scoop or 15.5 grams. Three servings would be 46.5 grams. I weighed out 40 grams exactly. So I'm not sure how much caffeine in that much but from the sounds of it that is a lot.

  20. id say around 750mg lol wow
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]

  21. Guess I'm more stim tolerant than I thought.
  22. 5/5

    Got a chance to log Prodigy for about 3 weeks. Here is my review of it...

    Energy/Focus: 9/10
    This was through the roof each and ever time I took it. I am pretty stim tolerant but it gave me clean energy especially since I started waking up at 5am and in the gym by 6am. Also love the whole body tigle from the beta-alanine.

    Pump: 9/10
    The pump was one of the most noticible effects next to the energy and focus. The slogan is so true when they say you will have skin tearing pumps.

    Taste: 8/10
    I had the blueberry flavor. With most PSO's I've had, they did not taste ANYTHING like the flavor in the label but Prodigy did.

    Mixability: 9/10
    Mixed with ease. I put in a shaker bottle with the wisk ball but all I did was swish it around for a bit and it was mixed-no clumps at all.

    Overall: 9/10
    PNI has hit a homerun in the PWO market! Prodigy is my favorite PWO now, I'm sad to see the bottom of the tub. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for the ultimate PWO

  23. I wanna thank HowWeDo for the samples of Prodigy! I do not know the flavor but... Yea haha.
    I got 3 servings of this... First day I dosed 1 serving... When I got them they were clumped up due to no preserve pouch. Still effective tho. The flavor to me I couldn't tell. Wasn't to fond of it Tbh but it could also be part of it being clumped up. It wasn't bad tho just flat. Seemed to mix up well... Which is a plus... I hate stinking grains. Within 15 minutes it hit me... A smooth energy came on but what I did notice was how pumped my biceps got. They looked like HowWeDos.... Now I know his secret ;-) anyways...
    Today I took 2 scoops... The energy kicked in fast and wasn't overbearing, the pumps kicked in hard for shoulders. Focus was on point and my endurance increased... I pumped 250 for 3 in military press.... Something I havnt done in a long while. 2 scoops is def my sweet spot.
    I didn't get too much out of a couple samples... So I will be purchasing a tub to give a full out review. This will be continued...
    Purus Labs Anabolic Titan/Rep
    Coach AB @
  24. 5/5

    Ok,so I've found a new must have in my stash.I enjoyed this product so much and will continue to use it in the future without a doubt!

    The energy I got from this was amazing.Gave me that got to go now feeling,can't wait to get to the gym!The focus was some of the best I've ever experienced without a doubt!Clean energy,and the mental drive and focus were insane.Broke some prs using prodigy.

    I had some great pumps while using prodigy.I never used it with any other preworkout,as I felt no need.Arms got so pumped it hurt some days.Was having pumps in muscles I wasn't even focusing on for the day.

    Mix ability/taste:
    I had the blueberry,and loved the taste to the point where I still crave the flavor.It mixed very well even in little water,I usually mixed with about 8oz. Of water,no residue or particles whatsoever.

    I love prodigy,as I said it is a must have in my stash now.It was consistent every single time I used it from first dose to last scoop.I never once had to use more than one level scoop,and I'm a stim junkie!i did get the beta tingles from it,which I personally love.Some may not but I know it's time to go when they hit!PNI really hit it out of the park with this one!Good job and thanks for a great product!

  25. Pretty simple to say that prodigy is amazing. The blueberry is fantastic. Taste is great. The focus you get from prodigy is crazy. I had no jitters. Only thing was the BA tingle but it was friggin great. The pumps where fantastic. Prodigy rates up there with some of the best PWO. Any body wondering if they should try out prodigy or anything PNI I'm telling you hands down give them a chance. You will be surprised. log below

  26. I am still hoping to get a sample of this preworkout to try out before I buy. If I try a sample and it
    works for me I buy it. An example of products that I received samples to try and they worked for
    me and I bought them are Muscle Marinade, D-Stunner, Speed Xtreme, Amphetalean, Craze, Beast Mode,
    and that's just a few and now preworkouts that I received samples that really didn't live up to the hype
    NO-Xplode, C-4, Shock Therapy, Super Pump Max, Xtreme Shock, and N.O. ShotGun.
  27. 5/5

    I've tried A LOT of pre-workouts. Assault, jack3d, Neurocore, c4, N0 Extreme, Juggernaut, HemoRage and probably others.

    Prodigy is the best, but the most hardcore.

    The stimulant effect is pretty intense and the pumps can hurt while doing squats, but if you are looking for a great PWO this is it. All my lifts increased when on it, and it made all my muscles get pumped and solid even at a high BF%.

  28. These reviews are awesome and spot on. I've noticed many of these things.

    1. Frist and foremost, the pump is amazing and it lasts for a long time. The pump stays with you for a long period of time, whihc I've never experienced.
    2. As one of the reviewers said, the energy wasn't crazy, but it was THERE when I needed it. I liked that. When I was young, I used to like the jacked/high strung feeling. Now I don't. I like to feel focused and I like to feel like there is a "reserve" there if needed and that's the type of energy I get.
    3. Endurance - This stuff lasts and with the COP/BA/Citrulline I feel like I could train longer/harder. The "energy/stim" effects seems to last longer than most pre workouts and with no crash, but the combo of the other ingredients makes me feel as if I"ve eaten more carbs than I have throughout the day. I just feel like there is more in the tank and the pumps are much greater than the norm.
    4. NO CRASH. I get cranky when I get "stim crashes" and I just don't have time to be cranky with being a teacher, father of 2, head baseball coach, prep coach. I have to be on so when I have experienced crashes I HATED it.
    5. Taste. Taste is good. I like it. It has a little bit of an aftertaste, but I like it. I can't describe it. Don't know if "acidic" is the right word for it, but I think it's enjoyable.
  29. Hug it out.
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