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  1. Just learning about PNI i ordered vanilalean but i would of picked this up if i new about it the reviews are crazy

  2. drseuse, when you are getting low, just order Prodigy. You wont' be disappointed. Today I used a scoop at 5:30 AM for arm training and I was still feeling energized from it around noon.
  3. 4/5

    This pre is a little heavier stimmed compared to what I usually use but it really helped me bust through leg day hitting a pr after a crappy night's sleep.

    The pumps were nice and full and the endurance factor was really good.

    Flavor was good enough, I don't care too much about flavor though.

    All in all I would buy this, and will be picking some up in my next nutra order. I'll be adding this to my regular pre on days where I really need an extra stim to get moving, but will stick with lower stim for my daily.

  4. ^^^ That's great to hear. Usually when I find a stim like this - that's heavy hitting - it makes me feel like crap. Prodigy doesn't. What I like to do with products like this, that hit me harder and make me feel great, is use them on days when I'm really tired or use them for LEG DAYS! That's when you know a product is working.
  5. 5/5


    Taste- kinda tart, like koolaid that you didnt put enough sugar in, but was still very tasty!

    Mix- mixed with a spoon and damn no floaties or **** on the bottom. good deal.

    Performance - Amazing subtle energy, was clean. I even waited an hour after taking it too hit the weights with 20 mins of cardio after. was good stuff and lasted me for as long as i was at the gym. Had a sick pump too!! I also recovered well between my sets, i stayed focused and was able to push through everything. Took 1 scoop today.

    Thanks ricky for the samples!!!

  6. ^*^ thank you brother hard to believe this stuff is only 26$ on NP
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]

  7. youre practically giving PRs away at that point haha !!

  8. It does mix great! I've never pushed a product that I do'nt believe in at the gym I train at. Usually when I've recommended a pre workout a handful of folks would try it and like it. With Prodigy, I haven't spread the word nearly as much because most of my training has been at 5AM when no one is tehre, but I've turned a couple young guys onto it and it's blowing up at the gym I train at. Just more validity that Prodigy rocks.
  9. 5/5

    First off I would like to thank Ricky from PNI for remembering me and sending me out a couple of samples of watermelon flavored Prodigy to try out. I had contacted him back in October and he was going to send me out samples but a huge storm came through call Sandy and everything kind of got screwed up but I kept reading good reviews about Prodigy and was wondering would I ever get a sample to try out myself before I buy it but a few months passed so I kind of forgot about it, but 2 weeks ago I received a small yellow envelope and low and behold it had 2 samples of Prodigy in a zip lock bag straight from Ricky's personal stash which I thought was real cool because I do this all the time for people and I actually just did this a few days ago with someone I help with training and supplements and I gave him a sample of D-Stunner and Craze from my personal containers so it was nice for someone to do it for me which I appreciate.
    Now to my review first off I mixed 1 serving in a shaker cup with 6 grams of citrulline malate, 3 grams of
    beta-alanine, 1 scoop of Flud and about 20 ounces of water and it mixed up perfectly with nothing floating around. The flavor was watermelon and that's exactly what it tasted like a tart watermelon flavor which tasted fine to me but actually when it comes to preworkout powders I really don't care about the taste because JP8X from Diesel Nut. is one of my favorite preworkout
    powders with 1,3, and has to be the worst tasting powder out there and if I can handle that taste I can handle ANYTHING.
    Now for the most important part the effectiveness
    of Prodigy and one thing about the this product the energy comes on gradually you won't feel it in one bang like some other preworkouts that hit hard and fast but then die in the middle of your workout. I am going to quote what someone else said in their review "it is a reserved energy that is there when you need it" and when you do a lot of strip sets, giant sets, and supersets like me this is a perfect preworkout for me and the recovery between sets is also enhanced by this product. Now in comparison to Craze the focus is not as extreme but it is enough to put you in the zone and the recovery between sets again comparing this to JP8X which for me at 2 scoops will have me doing a set and I am ready for my next set in seconds Prodigy a little more time between sets but still excellent with recovery between sets and these are 2 things that I look for in a good preworkout powder.
    I don't really make a big deal about a pump because I add 1 gram of agmatine to my powders or if I am using a cap stim I use 1 scoop of Hemavol but I purposely did not add agmatine to it to see how my muscles would respond and yesterday on my first back exercise I did chin ups with wts. on a belt and I ended up doing strip sets dropping 10lbs on each set when I finished my 5 sets my back and lats had a full pump as if I just finished my complete workout and it was only the beginning of my back attack so for all you pump fans this one is a winner.
    In conclusion of this review I have to say Prodigy is probably one of the top preworkouts without
    1,3 (I love 1,3 products but use it sparingly) to come out since Craze that will really have a positive impact in your workouts. I am definitely putting Prodigy on the top of my supplement shopping list for the next time I shop and I know I mentioned that I don't care about flavor but Blueberry sounds interesting.
    Thanks again Ricky and like my review headline says PNI Prodigy was worth waiting for.

  10. Thanks bro that was a great review very detailed and I appreciate it!
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]
  11. 4/5

    Thanks to Ricky for hooking me up with a few samples, I appreciate it.

    I was given 2 flavors, one tasted like watermelon, the other berry. It has a pretty solid ingredient list. What I look for in my prewo's now is the stims. I'm against 1,3D. I love the stim for the first few weeks but I end up feeling like crap after a while from it. So it's hard for me to find a good prewo without 1,3D that can still pick me up.

    Prodigy definitely did that. I felt a good rush of energy after about 10-15 minutes. By the time I hit the gym a half hour after ingestion I was ready to rock. I didn't feel jittery whatsoever and the energy level was maintained throughout the session. I don't train for aesthetics or a 'pump' but I did notice on my upper body day that I was fairly swollen from it. My lats felt like wings and my chest felt inflated.

    My only issue with prodigy was the taste. I'm picky about tastes though. The base of it tasted how it should but it had a slight after bite to it..almost like a bulk supplement would have a bite or bitterness. It wasn't terrible though and I intend to buy this product at some point.

    Other than that, it mixed well in 16oz of cold water and went down smooth. No bad side effects whatsoever. This goes into my top 3 preworkouts (Condense and Hemavol will be the other 2)

  12. Thanks for the great review sean! Glad Prodigy did you well. I get the same feeling with my upper body and love it ! Feel free to ask any of the PNI team any questions you may have about diet, training and of course supplementation. Keep doin work !
    Broser Built Athlete
  13. 5/5

    My Background:
    I've been pretty reliant on stim heavy pre-workouts and was not able to taper off before submitting this review. This review is based of using the PWO 3 times so far.

    Flavor sampled: Watermelon
    Initial taste was delicious but come 3 seconds later is this awful aftertaste. Not the worst i've ever tasted but it's definitely noticeable and can easily turn you away if taste is a big issue to you. For myself, taste is a luxury. As long as the product delivers, I could care less about a ****ty 1-2 minutes of taste. I have read other reviews on this product and they didn't mention the aftertaste which makes me think it's somewhat individual dependent.

    The pump was great, it wasn't too much but rather perfect, lasted through out my entire workout. Perfect feeling of Fullness

    Strength and endurance both went up. I feel like the previous pre workout I was on was having little to no effect on me besides the pump. This allowed me in the 3 days i've used it so far to hit 2 new PR's.

    Mixes extremely well. Because of the aftertaste, I like to use it in the Shot method, so 2-4oz of water and down it in 2 gulps. No residue left behind, no clumps, no grit.

    This is one of my top pre-workouts when it comes to delivery in terms of energy and focus. The come up is VERY Smooth and clean, it levels out and lasts for a good hour and a half to two hours. So clean that it feels like there are no stims. Definitely nice to have a PWO that isn't dependent on Caffeine or 1,3 despite their effectiveness. This definitely measures up. There is no crashing afterwords and I feel great for the rest of the day. With my previous PWO, I would intake, and not be able to fall asleep for 4-5 hours after. With this, I'm able to get my work out done effectively, come back and fall asleep (My schedule demands it). The BA tingles are perfect. IDK if it's due to my built-up resistance to it from the previous workout but it's a slight tingle sensation and not overbearing. Aggressive workouts but calm and collected. Focus was great on getting reps done and reaching those goals.

    Price is great! Because I don't rate a PWO based on taste, I have to give this a 5. Will definitely be buying again (trying blueberry next) assuming the rest of this month goes well. Any changes and i'll update this review with my thoughts and opinions.

  14. Thanks man for the awesome review. Glad you enjoyed it like I knew you would. Cant wait for you to get the Thermadex and Paragon. Keep us updated on how thats working for you as well. Keep killin it man !
    Broser Built Athlete

  15. Great review. I do notice the aftertaste. I describe it as bitter, but I don't mind it at all, in fact, the longer I use it, I actually am starting to enjoy the after taste. Interesting you say it lasts for 90-120 minues. I've noticed the life of the stim/focus effect lasts well into the 3-4 hour range with no crash.

  16. Keep in mind i'm walking into Prodigy straight from heavy stims, i'm trying to adjust scoops and find the sweet spot. I kill myself at the 90-120 minute mark and it is afghan, by the time i make it back to the tent, i play an hour of cards, lay down, post some ****, and pass out haha

    It's also probably related to me not being able to judge the focus after 2 hours because i'm back in my tent. No crash regardless of the timing however, which is really nice, i got grumpy before when i crashed in the middle of something.
    OBSESSED is a word the LAZY use to describe the DEDICATED.
    Beast Mode RECOMP: recomp.html

  17. I wanted to mention that I think it would be a good idea to take a break from stims when you told me the amount of jack3d you were taking and weren't feeling anything. Just lookin out for you man.
    Broser Built Athlete

  18. Yeah i'm off heavy stims for awhile lol, a good long while
    OBSESSED is a word the LAZY use to describe the DEDICATED.
    Beast Mode RECOMP: recomp.html

  19. ha ! good idea ! Dont let that keep you from pushing forward though, keep rockin it !
    Broser Built Athlete
  20. 3/5

    got a sample bottle of this..not a fan of this type of pwo..hate tingles with a passion.. i can usually take my pwo's at work to help keep me focused when coffee doesn't do it, felt extremely more irritable which was great in the gym but not at work lol.. with other pre workouts i don't feel tired at all..with this one i felt i was concentrated but eyes were heavy and i woke up feeling great from a full nights sleep..overall gave it a 3 because it does what its suppose to and had decent pumps just not for me, but when lifting my feet and hands felt sooo weird i couldnt even finish my workout..i like raw natural enery not the tingly bugged out feeling..i;ve been experimenting a lot with pwo's and this is not on my list to alternate with..
  21. 5/5

    Taste: 4/5 Like others have mentioned its tastes pretty damn good but the after taste not so much. I had watermelon, which is always one of my favorites.

    Energy/Focus: 5/5 I have had dozen of pres and this easily hit the energy focus right on the head for me. My mind was racing but it was in a good way? I felt like i could figure out a ton of things at once. This was even not on an empty stomach I can't wait for that!

    Pumps: 4/5 Did shoulders to it really is the hardest body party for me to tell if I am getting a good pump. Was about average compared to other pres I have had.

    Endurance: 5/5 This and the energy were the highlight of this product for me. I felt like I could lift for forever. Just a great feeling over all.

    Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase. I found it for a pretty decent price and there were about 5 new pres i was choosing from at the time i really wanted to try. I doubt I could have possibly be happier with anything else. May try a different flavor next time but will be purchasing again I am sure!

  22. Glad you enjoyed the Prodigy bro!
    After a year off, I'm back
  23. 5/5

    Love this stuff, only has a few ingredients, but they're proven and effective ingredients, great energy, focus, and pumps, this stuff is on point. PNI is a great company, I had problem with a product I recieved from a company that would allow me to return it, I contacted PNI and they made it right X's 5.


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