Hybrid N.O. Powder (20 servings)
Hybrid N.O. Powder (20 servings)


Muscle Pharm

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Hybrid N.O. Powder (20 servings)

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    Awesome addition to your fav PWO. Since Agmatine is found to inhibit some NOS while upregulating the ones you care about (VASODIALATORS), I take it 30m prior to the PWO.. that way agmatine is already in my sistem preventing arginase from braking down my arginine and citruline.

    its a scoop of pure vascularity in a very convinient way.
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    Hybrid N.O. was pretty good for a stim- free preworkout. I feel it is also very important to cycle off of caffeine for the sake of your adrenal glands. Going off of caffeine at the start of this product, I felt that it was very effective as I never got the usual headaches when going off. I feel that I never got headaches because of the blood-flow boosting capability of this product. Great for workouts, but of course after this bottle I went back to a stim based product, and for me there is no comparison.

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