Joint Fixx (60 capsules)
Joint Fixx (60 capsules)


Advanced Muscle Science

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Rating: 3 out of 5 stars, based on 4 total reviews.
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Joint Fixx (60 capsules)

  1. 5/5

    I ran Joint Fixx while on SD and it worked better than I ever expected. My joints felt better on-cycle than before taking SD. Joint Fixx is the real deal!
  2. 1/5

    I went through 2 jars of this stacked with Super Cissus and I got no joint or tendon relief. I was taking this for some tendonitis but it didn't help at all.
    The color of the caps were purple and the jars that I am seeing now the caps are yellow so I don't think there is any difference just a different color.

    I did read some pretty good reviews on this product and that's the reason I decided to give it a try but it might work for some but unfortunately it didn't do anything for me.
  3. 3/5

    Bought a few to try from NP on special. Seemed the goods from reports back from a few guys so bought more & ran it myself.
    Run at 2 morn or night & 2 before my workout (my work & workout times vary daily) I saw some quick & pleasing results. I also take joint support products containing msm, glucosamine etc daily for cartilage and connective tissue health. The Joint Fixx has become a handy top up.

    helped with tight tendons/connective tissues & dry joints
    some anti-inflammatory action
    I had to up the dosage to 2 + 2 to notice a difference, which makes it reeeally expensive at full price.

    Good product, but expensive for me.

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