Joint Mechanic Plus (90 capsules)
Joint Mechanic Plus (90 capsules)


Millennium Sport Technologies

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Joint Mechanic Plus (90 capsules)

  1. 5/5

    I'm MSRIDER! First off I would like to thank MST for allowing me to try a bottle of the Joint Mechanic Plus to help me relieve shoulder fatigue aswell as pain.

    Unfortunately as I began there product I wasn't able to kill it in the weight room like I'm acustom too, due to a herniated disc I was later diagnosed after an MRI. But I did continue to workout around the injury maybe not with the heavy weight but it wasn't light workouts either. Anyways here's my views on the Joint Mechanic Plus:

    1) value- I think at $19 bucks you are getting a great deal. I've seen a lot of joint supps that have cost some bucks. Will I purchase this product? Sure! As soon as I get Back to hitting weights hard and get over my injury you can bet I will have me some JMP.

    2) effectiveness- I feel that the JMP relieved shoulder fatigue and pain I've been dealing with for along time while on this. I actualy stopped playing slow pitch softball due to my throwing arm shoulder pain. I only had one instance where I was hurting in my shoulder and that was due to the fact that my DR asked me to sleep on that side to help relieve my herniated disc. It might not have been strong enough to relieve the inglamation in my spine but for something such as joints and shoulder issues related to dry joints and fatigue its a great product.

    3) taste- nothing realy I need to mention as they were capsules, simply take 3 in the evening.

    4) rating- I gave MST's JMP 5 stars due to the fact I've never taken a joint supp before and it helped with my shoulder pain so I would be unjust if I gave anything less than that. Thanks MST and Deuce for Hooking me Up.
  2. 5/5

    Thanks to MST for allowing me to log and review this product. I have never used a joint supplement before, so I didnt know what to expect. 43 yr and lifting for more than 30 yrs puts a lot of stress on the body. As i mentioned in my review, I never gave much of a thought to adding a JS to my supplement intake. How wrong I was. I have been using this product for almost 30 days now and the one exercise that actually caused me to stop working out for 2 months (issues with my shoulder prior) was the upright row. I will never forget that day and that pain! Doing the particular exercise inflamed the joint which put me out of commission. Shoulder exercises were now limited to military press and side lateral raises (partial lifts).

    A few weeks ago, I attempted something that i have not done in over 2 years. That is how confident i felt while using this product. No irritation, my joints felt smooth in all moving directions. I was able to do the uprights on the smith with 95lb for 3 sets 15 reps. I also had more confidence that my shoulder wasn't going to give out so i went for a max on shoulder presses. 250, achieved.

    my hands and finger movements felt better especially when doing wrist curls. A great product and if you havent thought about using a JS, I strongly suggest you do. There is a huge benefit when your in the gym and you say to yourself, I know i can do the weight, but my shoulder is going to hurt or my knee is going to bother me. When you have a product that works there is no more doubt that you cant do the reps, its how many more can you complete.

    5/5 taste and smell- its a pill, not impossibly to swallow and no nasty medicine stench

    No stomach issues, no headaches no cramping- since never using a joint supplement before, i didn't know if i would have stomach problems. zero

    i have a few more days left and will continue to use this. add this to your supplement intake, you'll thank me later

  3. Thanks, bro! Glad you had such great results!
    I <3 Carbs
  4. 5/5

    Sometimes you just need a mechanic to fix your problems. I like most guys have lots of shoulder problems which stem from separating my shoulder back in the military over 10 years ago. This problem has been pretty consistent but I can normally just lift through a little uncomfortableness.

    I took this supplement while training for a power lifting competition. I was benching more frequently and heavier than normal. I really like the doses in joint mechanic. They are good enough to help acutely or in the short term, and they have ingredients that help to rebuild for the future. I'm not a fan of the typical joint solutions. This is definitely not the typical joint solution. It helped my shoulder feel stronger than it has in a year. I really appreciate that I was able to push my shoulder harder than ever, and felt like it was actually healing. This is an e****lent product, and I certainly would recommend it to others especially at under a dollar per serving!

  5. Thank you very much for the review and congrats again on that competition!
    I <3 Carbs

  6. Thank you for the great review brother!
    Black Lion Research Representative


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