Compete (300g)
Compete (300g)


iForce Nutrition

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Rating: 4.77 out of 5 stars, based on 13 total reviews.
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Compete (300g)

  1. 5 out of 5 rating for Compete (300g)

    Great product. Tangerine is the BEST tasting product on the market period. It's profile is unmatched with the addition of cit mal, two forms of l-carnitine, and a great BCAA dose. Fantastic pre/intra product.
  2. 5 out of 5 rating for Compete (300g)

    Orange is amazing imo.. the more you dilute it.. i feel the flavor remains.. it takes alot of water to loose flavor.

  3. 5 out of 5 rating for Compete (300g)

    The tangerine and the lemon drop taste phenomenal. Increased pumps and endurance, and definitely notice a difference in my workouts since I've started using it. Adding water also doesn't dilute the flavor. Quickly became a staple in my supplement regimen.
  4. 4/5

    Another solid product from I-Force.

    Taste: Prefer the Lemon Drop flavor of this to Tangerine. Both are very tasty, but just like LD better. Find a slight aftertaste in Tangerine that I don't get with the Lemon Drop. Just a notch below Hemavol's flavoring IMO.

    Effects: Solid product but not the best for recovery or endurance that I have used. Conditioning appeared easier but nothing overly dramatic. The biggest surprise was the mental effects and the overall recovery over the month. While acute effects weren't as impressive for me, over the long haul it has been effective. Noticed some increased mental clarity when taking a serving pre and one intra. Decreased DOMS was also noticed during duration of use.

    Overall: Love the price point on this product and feel it is effective at increasing recovery and some endurance. It is almost worth it just for the Carnitine blend alone and I plan to keep some in my supplement stash constantly.

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    Compete review

    Flavor: Tangy Tangerine

    Compete is a game changer! My history with "Intra-Workout" and recovery supplements has been full of let downs. With prices for these products ranging from about 30$ to 60$ there not cheap. At a point i decided water was all any one needed during a work out. Everything else was a sham. Boy was i wrong. Compete is a super star product! I don't think I can ever work out or mow my lawn with out it again

    Taste: 7/10 (little too sweet : Tangy : Refreshing )
    Why not 10/10, too sweet. Note this is by opinion. If sugary drinks don't bother you, it should be fine. I personally am not a fan of sweets.It really hit the mark at two scoops, but a 2 scoops I had to dilute it in about 2liters of water or more. That being said it really did carry a Tangy tangerine flavor.

    Effectiveness during workout: 10/10 ( Made the extra mile feel like the first)
    Something happened when i hit the half way point on my water bottle. It was like i was refreshed and able to start the routine over. Endurance from Compete was incredible. If a set went to failure after about 30 sec, i was ready to do it again. Effects are noticeable during first session with Compete at two scoops.

    Effectiveness day-after workout: 10/10 ( Excellent, quick recovery)
    This is where the line between Testabolan and Compete get blurry. I would go 40% Testabolan / 60% Compete. Hard to say what product effected recovery more. But as a stack, Recovery time was cut more then half.Soreness was was close to eliminated.

    Dont let my sweetness warning scare you off this product. Compete is a staple!!

    Overall 10/10
    No doubt!
  6. 5/5

    My wife and I really enjoyed this. Taste was point on for me, wife used only half scoop when she worked out. Nice to ba able to have a flavorful and complete product for assisting in recovery and the LCLT was a nice little surprise. Will continue using!

  7. Was wondering if taking craze and hemavol pre workout.... then sipping compete would be overkill?

  8. ^^ would not be overkill at all. I usually take maximize and hemavol pre-workout (although I'm taking a stim break right now), and sip compete during. awesome workouts with great pumps as well as improved endurance and recovery
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  9. 5/5

    The endurance is definitely noticeable. I only used this product once because a friend of mine gave me some. I did not use one scoop, I used two and this review is based on two scoops. This product however was fantastic and really did help me stay in the gym. Tangy Tangerine tasted great too! I suggest keep filling up your bottle with water once it get half way to keep letting the product do it's thing!
  10. 5/5

    I bought the Hemavol-Heavy Hitters Stack and have been using Hemavol on chest/tri day and back/bi day with Compete as my intra during dead/leg day and squat/shoulder day


    Taste - 10/10 - Phenomenal, all three flavors. I have read everyone enjoys the Tangy Tangerine the most, but I actually think the Fruit Punch Slam is absolutely delicious. Which is weird because I honestly hate everything fruit punch, I actually prefer this fruit punch flavor over Alphamine's (which is also very good and was my previous favorite/only fruit punch flavor anything I would drink). This morning during my workout I couldn't stop wanting to drink it because it was so damn good. That's actually what made me want to write this little review.

    Effectiveness - 9/10 - I feel that this product really helps me keep my energy up through my workout and I guess you can call it an endurance. Its like my muscles still feel as they are fatiguing, but I get a mental focus that keeps me going pushing hard through all of my sets. Which is exactly what I wanted out of a product to use for dead/leg and squat/shoulder days.

    Ingredients - I really love the ingredients in Compete. I love the whey hydrolysate addition, because I work out fasted in the AM's so I actually have been saving a little money on skipping my pre workout BCAA servings on two of my four workouts per week. When I buy a tub of it, Ill dose it at 2 scoops/servings in order to get 5 g of whey hydroslysate, 2 g of LCLT, and 1 g Cit-Mal. But with the samples i'm trying to make them last as long as possible.

    I only have two more samples left of this stuff, and I really hope it goes on sale for the Black Friday sale so I can pick up at least one tub of it.
    I-Force has added another product to my list that I thoroughly enjoy and will most likely be my go to intra from now on.
  11. 4/5

    Ok,so once again thanks to Vaughn and iforce for the chance to run hemavol and compete together.I had 1 tub of lemon drop compete.I was instructed to take it 1 scoop with hemavol 30min pre workout on empty stomach,and 1 scoop intra workout and did so the whole tub.Heres my thoughts.

    It tasted good,exactly the same as hemavol lemon drop actually.There were no particles or residue what so ever in my shaker,although it did foam a good bit,but this didnt bother me and I would think is from the Whey protein hydrolysate.

    About as easy as it gets,1 scoop 30min pre,and 1 scoop intra workout.I did find the taste to be a bit sweet for me while drinking intra so I just added water every few drinks or threw it in my gallon jug of water about half full.

    I was very intrigued when I saw the profile of compete.Very solid imo and had a lot of extra goodies aside from the normal BCAA and intra workouts we see.I was excited to see the whey protein hydrolysate the most,also the L-carnitine and Citrulline malate were nice additions.The amounts in this product of the ingredients seemed to be pretty on point for me.

    This can be found at NP for $29.99 for 50 servings.I did use 2 servings a day so it was only 25 servings,but I would still say this is a good value for what you get,I also believe many people could benefit from a single serving daily.

    Overall thoughts:
    I really enjoyed this product,it was great stacked with hemavol and the stacking options are endless with this product.It is a great intra workout and could be used by weight lifters or someone needing endurance and or recovery enhancements.This was a great product on cardio days as I felt like I would never fatigue.I enjoyed enhanced recovery,and my endurance was great while on this product.It has a very solid profile with nice ingredients and amounts of each to back it up.It also helps a lot in the hydration department.I will say i did not notice the effects of the so called Mental Edge Enhancement Matrix,but a good product none the less.I would recommend this to someone looking into intra products or needing assistance in recovery or endurance.Thanks again for this opportunity.
  12. 5/5

    From my Hemavol + Compete log:

    Final review:

    AWESOME products both on their own and used together.

    Here's what I was asked to comment on:
    Insane. Be sure to properly hydrate and the GMS in Hemavol will work its wonders. One pump is good, I've used 1.5 and 2 throughout the log. 1.5 scoops Hemavol and 2 scoops Compete would run out at close to the same time.
    Was able to punish myself for grueling sessions of High-Low/Front-Back training, and even for extended traditional sessions of upper-only, legs-only, or total body. Never felt like I couldn't do what I wanted to do in the gym. Only disappointing workouts I had were due to fatigue/stress from my job; nothing that can be blamed on the products.
    --rest between sets:
    Most workouts were kept to 40 seconds between sets for arm workouts, 60-80 for chest/back, 80-120 sec for high volume/weight leg exercises. Heart rate was still elevated at these intervals, but some longer rest periods were necessary due to the blood pump in the exercised areas.
    Watermelon Hemavol>Lemon. I've used both before and the lemon actually gave me headaches. Watermelon is better by default, but could be a tad stronger.
    Tangerine Compete = THE BEST TASTING SUPP EVER.
    Probably could have worked out 4/5 times a week or more consecutive days, but the punishment I put myself through demanded some rest. Did do cardio on off days, so even after a leg day previous, still was able to hit the elliptical.
    NEVER FELT THEM. I don't know how this could be; I pushed myself as hard as I ever did, and I can't figure what exactly in either formula reduced DOMs to the point of non-existence.

    If you have the means, run this stack. It is versatile and effective. Hemavol especially is good on its own and also stacks well with other formulas if you're so inclined. Compete is just awesome; intra, pre, post, in a water jug throughout the day: this needs to be in you!
  13. 5/5

    Hemavol & Compete! Final Review:

    So today marked my last servings of this iForce sponsored log. In this review, I will be covering all aspects of these products, along with an honest numbered score on its effectiveness. I will start by explaining about each product first, & then kind of score them together.

    So let's start with the Hemavol. When I first joined this board about 6 months ago, I read through about every thread that I could, & I remember that any thread I clicked on that was related to pre-workouts, Hemavol was always mentioned. So when i came across this promo & a chance to log it, I checked out the profile & it seemed pretty promising. The thing that sparked my interest the most was that it was a non-stim pre & prior to this, I had yet to have tried one. Also, I had never tried a product with GMS in it as well. The thing that I liked the most about Hemavol was it wasn't proprietary blend & it had ingredients that I had used in bulk that i enjoyed (Citrulline Malate, Agmatine, Niacin, B12)

    Next, for Compete, the only intra supplement i've used prior was Bulk unflavored BCAA's & a few workouts with Fruit Punch Modern BCAA. The most interesting thing about the Compete was the fact that instead of BCAA's, iForce decided to use whey hydrolysate. Also, the 2 different forms of L-Carnitine & electrolyte formula was very intriguing. I also like the addition of Citrulline Malate in addition to the Hemavol content.

    Taste: 9.5/10
    For my stack, I received both tubs of Lemon Drop. I have always been a fan of lemon(ade) flavored drinks, but had yet to have a lemon flavored supplement, so I didn't really know what to expect. Let me just say, the pre-workout shake of 1 scoop Hemavol & 1 scoop Compete was hands down the best pre drink I've ever tasted. I honestly looked forward to drinking this every day just for the taste. My initial thought was that it tasted like a lemon shake-up from the county fair, & i continued to think that until the end. The intra shake was just as good, just not as profound of a taste because it was only 1 scoop. I would refill my shaker bottle up at about 1/3 way empty & it still tasted good being even more watered down. I followed a few other logs of this where people had different flavors, but i decided to re-order lemon drop of both. Too good to pass up!

    Vascularity: 8/10
    I actually really enjoyed this aspect of these products, mainly from the Hemavol. During this log, I saw veins I had never seen before, even during a bulking stage, mostly in my delts, a few in my legs & even more on my forearms. The best thing about this part was that the veins were popping all day long, no matter if it was an on or off day. I had several people eye me heavy in the gym when curling & what not, probably thought I was on the juice. lol

    Rest Between Sets: 9/10
    This combo alone helped me cut down to about half of the rest between set times I had previously had to use before running these. Not only did this help in between sets, but it cut down my overall workout time. That alone would make me run this again because I hate sitting there trying to recover. I'm already an impatient person so that does not help.

    Endurance: 10/10
    Probably my favorite effect of these products. When I got the the gym each day, I never wanted to leave. I added more reps and more sets almost every work out, just because I didn't get tired nearly as fast as I did before. This not only helped me do more reps, but it actually helped me bust through a few plateaus, which i would assume was because of the added sets.

    During DOMs: 8/10 Next Day DOMs: 5/10
    As I stated with the rest between sets, this combo definitely helped me recover faster. No matter if it was a warm-up set at the beginning of my workout or the last set at the end of my workout, I always felt like it was the first set. It was kind of crazy. I was obviously pretty wore out by the end but this helped me push harder through workouts than ever. The reason I gave the next day DOMs a 5 is because I honestly didn't see a difference from before I used this. I was pretty much sore the day after a workout, no matter which group.

    All in all, this was an amazing run. I would highly recommend this combo, or each product on it's own, to anybody looking to push further in their workouts than they ever have before. I ordered more of both of these products before I even finished my log. iForce has definitely added a customer from this, & I want to thank VaughnTrue & the entire team again for the awesome opportunity to run their products.
  14. 5/5

    It's rare that a supplement delivers all you hope for and more and compete is just that. I have used 2 scoops a day since I purchased it and it is one of the best tasting supplements I have ever used. As far as results : Compete will help you push through any activity and reduce muscle soreness like nothing you ever tried.
    My only complaint is it doesn't come in 100 serving containers.
  15. 4/5

    Final Review for Tangerine iForce Compete:

    Taste: tangerine flavor tasted like the old Tang drink I enjoyed as a kid. 1 scoop in 32 oz water tasted amazing.

    Mixing: mixed well and stayed that way. Since this is an intra I expected separation. None of that happened.

    Effectiveness: during a workout Compete was refreshing and thirst quenching. Endurance was high and DOMS was almost nonexistent.

    This is going into my everyday use stack. I really recommend this to my fellow lifters.


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