AD-3 PCT (60 Capsules)
AD-3 PCT (60 Capsules)


Lecheek Nutrition

Price: $19.89

Rating: 4.67 out of 5 stars, based on 9 total reviews.
Rated: 4.67 out of 5 Read all 9 reviews

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AD-3 PCT (60 Capsules)

  1. 4/5

    almost finished with my 2nd bottle and am very pleased with the leaning effects, also helps with a better nights sleep.

  2. agree...its a good price, and the velvet bean is a nice addition for some deep sleep
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  3. 5/5

    Erase used to be my go to OTC AI; however, AD-3 with it's low price and added GH/Sleep benefit from the velvet bean gives it my stamp of approval.
  4. 5/5

    AD-3: 9/10 - excellent ingredient profile that delivers solid results. The AI here is tried and true and works extremely well for me. Adding the mucuna to that really makes this a complete product! The only thing I would do is split it into 3 doses and possibly up the l-dopa dosage to allow for easier tapering while maintaining a good l-dopa dose.
  5. 5/5

    Erase is good.. This blows it away
  6. 5/5

    Strength: 4/5. obviously this aint a crazy ph or somethin thats main purpose is to increase strength but i did notice some nice strength gains around 10-20lbs extra than what i did when i started. licked in around middle of week 2 when i noticed i did extra reps and weight felt to weak. cant complain

    Fatloss/Vascularity: 5/5. i shoulda done more ab workouts and i kinda slacked on diet toward the end but i have to say that is actually slimmed me down 2 pants sizes and shrunk my lower belly a little. wish i kept goin hard on the abs, coulda seen a lot nicer results in that region. veins and new muscles started comin in end of second week and was lookin a lot dryer. woke up lookin pumped, everyhere i went i always looked like i was flexin and veins were always showing, favorite part of this cycle.

    Muscle: 3/5. i like to say i gained good amount but it could be just cuz i lost body fat. some people told me my arms had gotten bigger and shoulders looked a little wider but i kant tell when i look at myself in the mirror. but everythin did get harder all around

    AI: 5/5. another reason why i wanted to try this product because of its AI properties. i never tried arimistane and always wanted to give it a shot because i had a pretty big lump in my right nip and was extremely painful so why not try a natural AI. at first the lump started to get bigger first week but that always happens to me when i hop on an AI and as the cycle went on, it started shrinking and pain was goin away slowly. finally got rid of it and no more of lump or pain. also another great thing that i didnt expect was i was a little case of psuedogyno(puffy/saggy lookin nipps) and was told if ur lucky, an ai could possibly fix it but i had it since 2 years ago and other AI's didnt much to it. my nipps shrunk nicely on this stuff and arent puffy as bad as they were before. i asked some people and they noticed it also cuz they saw that had puffy nips

    libido: 7/5. if u read the log, u'll noticed that i mention my libido always goin crazy everyday and it did. there were times where i just stared at the wall, not thinkin of anythin at all and the buddy just rose up. couldnt even where sweat pants in public. wake up with the craziest wood everyday now.

    Sleep: 4/5. some nights i couldnt fall asleep for some reason but most nights i knocked out quick and woke up feelin real fresh. maybe the preworkout made me stay up cuz i kept hearin my heartbeat layin on the pillow and just couldnt fall asleep. but other than that, this stuff is great if u hav trouble sleepin

    Sides: only side i got was dry joints. i tried other AI's and this wasnt as bad as the others. mostly dry around week 3-4. also i did start shedding from the head for a few days but im prone and after a few weeks, my hair started thickening up and growin quicker, i didnt understand this but i am def not gonna complain

    Overall: 9.5/10: really enjoyed running AD-3. this will become a staple after today, def during pct and nice to run if ur lookin to just dry up and burn some fat while retaining and possibly gaining muscle. everyone should give this stuff a run at least once and when you do, you'll fall in luv. great sleep, great result, great company. Lecheek always had great products so running this was a must.
  7. 4/5

    Happy with the added sleep this product assited with. I also think that I was able to keep the gains from my PH cycle. I gained strength and only went down a little after my ph. I was able to keep some which is great.

  8. Can't wait to run it in my pct and the price tag makes it so much sweeter

  9. Huge thanks to lecheek for letting me run two bottles of this.

    Value 7-8
    I will go a bit lower in just that It did not work as well for me. But you can still find good deals on this. The normal seems to be around 25- 30 bucks.

    I was really hoping this stuff would work as well as it did for others on their logs but it did not.

    Dosing 9
    I took this about 2 hrs before which was more or less as soon as I got home from gym. Easy to take pills.

    Effectiveness 7

    I have took a test booster and a AI before so I really hoping to have the same effect. But I feel that some of lecheek stuff are under dosed for someone my size. I am 250+ lbs. So I don't know if there is a standard protocol for dosing and weight ratios or not, but might be something to look into.
    When running a any test booster I can start to have signs of estrogen getting high thats why I waited about a week and half before starting this just to see if I could feel it work.
    Well I started this about 1 1/2 weeks into the stack . I felt a slight difference in body comp changes and a slight change in vascularity although that seemed to leave after several weeks.
    The one thing I will note is my libido tanked on this and has took a while to get that back to normal after running this stack.

    I will say that I have took masshgh and TX9 before and separately and not had these issues that is why I mention it now.

    I will say that my strength and mood was always good and on point through this stack as well. I was able to recovery in between sets and days of rest faster than normal. But I do not like loosing my libido. lol.

    I do think this product helped me calm down , I would take this after my workout and before a post meal. Usually about 2 hrs before bed.

    Overall 7
    It just did not work that well for me. Others have had great success with it though. After about 4 weeks I started to loose that thin skin look , although veins was still visible I just did not look at dry.
    Here is my log
  10. 5/5

    Great product to add to a Natural Test Stack or part of a PCT. Also added Velvet Bean to assist sleep and possible GH release and some Milk Thistle for liver health.
    Easy dosing . I took it about 1 hour before bed.
    Highly recommend this product.
  11. 4/5

    I have to say i used 2 bottles of this supplement; and I must say it delivers what it states. The 1st week i took it i noticed about 1hr or so I was knocked out. The second week my body had seem to have a dry look. My muscle were still full and solid, still maintined my strength. Thrid week on out I've seemed to be drier and harder;musle was more defined. On the second bottle some of the Bro's at the gym where noticing my tightness and tell me im getting cut.
    I have tried novladren from Man sport and I didn't have same results as I did with AD-3 pct. Ad3-pct is the way to go; also I had better sleep which was deeper; when i woke up i always felt well rested and no groggy feeling in the morning which is good. The price is reasonable and I say overall great product; great job guys!
  12. 5/5

    I used this as part of my PCT after my test prop cycle. This was my first cycle so I was unsure exactly how long I would take to recover but with the help of this product I definitely got back to normal pretty quick. Dosing was simple, and I was able to hang onto about 90+% of my gains (from only a 4 week cycle too). I also had very little strength loss after coming off my cycle and I attribute this mostly to AD-3 since it was the only thing that I used besides my serm and misc vitamins.

  13. I've only used erase... will this product be a lot better?

  14. Can I combine this with Evomuse Testruction or would that be redundant and/or excessive test boosters?

  15. If I'm already planning to run erase pro is it overkill to also run ad3?

  16. Really good otc pct. Took it with tamoxifen and Exemestane after a 7 week epi/tr3st cycle, and it did the job:-)
    Do not mention my language skills..I am norwegian.


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