The Prime Time Stack (AnaBeta Elite + Erase Pro)
The Prime Time Stack (AnaBeta Elite + Erase Pro)



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The Prime Time Stack (AnaBeta Elite + Erase Pro)

  1. 5/5

    Anabeta Elite:

    I have used it multiple times, and I am never disappointed.
    The first thing I notice is increased thirst, then hunger.
    I notice effects around week two, with hunger being over the top for the remainder of the time.
    (If you do run for 8 weeks, the hunger becomes more manageable around week 6 or 7, but it is clearly still there)
    Following that, my muscles tend to balloon up a bit, swell if you will, from the increased carbs and water.
    My strength has increased a solid amount. I strained my pecs a few months ago, didn't train chest / delts for about 2 months following.
    during my 8 week stack of ABE I have not only had the confidence but also the strength to hit incline dumbells heavier than I ever have. (Not to mention my squat and deadlift have also went up). My accessory lifts have gotten stronger but I pay less attention to those than I do the above three.
    I have gained about 4 or 5 lbs with obviously some additional bodyfat (~2%), but by looking in the mirror it is clear that this is not all bodyfat.

    I see no negative sides from this product, SOME PEOPLE may consider the fact that my hunger is at an all time highest it's ever been to be a negative, but due to the fact that I was bulking it was great.

    Anabeta allowed me to eat a large surplus of calories without getting overly full, and it seemed like the majority of this excess food went right to my glycogen storage. I feel this product enhances that.

    Erase Pro:

    What can I say, I love me some erase..
    It never fails to let me down.
    Usually feel it around the beginning of the second week.
    Noticeable effects include:
    Getting dryer,
    Getting leaner,
    Getting stronger.
    That being said you have to have your diet and training program dialed in to achieve these results. You cannot outsupplement a bad diet and worse training.
    I have used this product multiple times. Once for a recomp where I leaned out greatly.
    Another for this most previous run, on a heavy bulk.
    Erase kept my physique dry even while I was eating like a landwhale.

    The only negative I've seen to Erase pro is that some people have complained about achey joints, which I rarely experienced.

    Another thought is that it did lower my estrogen so low that it lowered my libido with it..

    Not to a level low enough that it I needed to do anything about it, but now that I have been off of it for a few weeks I notice my libido is higher.
    All that really means though is that it works TOO well. I was dosing at 2ed. I'm thinking next time I'll go one ED or two EOD.

    Both of these products are great go to products.

    No shutdown, No (terrible) sides, No problems.

    Solo, I would give these products a 4-4.5/5
    When stacked together, I'd give them a 5-6/5

    I have stacked them together before, and I will do so again.

  2. Ingredient's and science to back them up? I hear first hand experience about ghosts all the time.......................
  3. 5/5

    About me I'm 32 6'2 normally 218, 228lb after this stack 6 weeks bf% don't know but my 8 packs is here BENCH 400lbs X3 , DEADLIFT 650lbsX2 ,SQUAT 530lbsX3 I'm training hard 6 days/week, MMA, JJB, and personnal trainer. I gained strenght, endurance, vascularity, recuperation and good muscle. I like stims because I train about 6 hours by day I was sceptical to stop my coffee or PWO for a break but with this stack my energy and libido are very very good, I'm never tired, my usual training is easy . I recommand this stack for every one who want to progress. I use this stack with agmatine 1g, 3 caps yok 3d and recompadrol with my dinner. Precision I took 4 caps during 4 weeks and sorry PES representive 6 caps during 2 weeks. It's a great and good suprise ! Anabeta elite and Erase pro will be in my stock

  4. Do you need to run PCT after doing this stack?
  5. 5/5

    Nope! You don't need any pct, once you come off your hormone levels will slowly return to normal. When i come off of t-boosters i notice that my test levels seem to STAY elevated for a few weeks after even.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by thegameoflife View Post
    Do you need to run PCT after doing this stack?
    No pct. No shutdown. No loss of gains.

  7. Ok so what's the dosing? Do I take both from day 1 to day 30? Or start with the beta and start the epro later? Also 30 day cycle or 60?