OxyECA (60 capsules)
OxyECA (60 capsules)


Lecheek Nutrition

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OxyECA (60 capsules)

  1. 5 out of 5 rating for OxyECA (60 capsules)

    HEIGHT: 6'0"
    WEIGHT: 185
    BODY FAT: 9%
    LIFTING ROUTINE: Five day split with two rest days. I do cardio 5-6days a week for 30min.
    PREVIOUS SUPPLEMENTS USED: oxyelite pro, alpha-t2, super-hd, grenade, EC, and clen.

    WOW! Very impressed the energy wave comes on about 15min. in and is smooth. No jitters, and almost a euphoria and clarity comes to my mind. Also on a side note seems my O2 capacity is increased similar to bronkaid as in my airways feel unrestricted. Thermo effects were not very intense for me on this, but energy and appetite suppression were insane. I was really suprised by the fact that the effects didn't wear off towards the end. Also about 1 hr. after most doses I noticed a euphoria feeling that was pleasent was well. Appetite suppression lasted usually between 5-6 hrs. after dosing and was a big plus. Overall in my top 3 all time stimmulant fat burners.

  2. I used this about a year ago on a cut and I dropped 50 pounds with a lot of cardio, was very impressive. Great energy and appetite suppression with no crash. Can't wait to use again.
  3. 5/5

    I used this about a year ago on a cut and I dropped 50 pounds with a lot of cardio, was very impressive. Great energy and appetite suppression with no crash. Comes on strong within 15-30 mins and lasts for a pretty long time. I used this again a few months ago and stacked it with Hyper T2 and it was amazing. I cant wait to stack them both together again in a few weeks.
  4. Best stim fat burner I've used

    Used this at the tail end of my last cut before my wedding. Worked amazingly, great clean energy that lasted 6-8 hrs. Some appetite suppression, but the main plus was the steady energy (with no crash whatsoever) and assistance in fat burning. I dropped an extra 2 lbs over 4 weeks (this was after my last competition, where I was already on stage sub 4%BF.) Love this product and I would absolutely use it again (in fact I have 2 more bottles in my stash ready to go!).

  5. Please tell me I'm not the only one who noticed "LIPOGENIC Matrix" in big letters across the front of the bottle

  6. For people who are fed up of fat burners and want a change of direction?
    PEScience Representative
  7. 5/5

    Height 6'3
    Weight 208
    Bf 15%
    Past fat burners: clenbuterol, albuterol, alpha t2, oxyelite pro

    Used this as an 6 week bridge between clen cycles. Energy levels were good and I didn't experience any significant jitters or "crash"

    I definitely prefer this over Oep and would use again
  8. 5/5

    Energy: 10/10 first pill i took made me go crazy on the treadmill. after the first day i decided to take it morning i woke up instead of preworkout around noon and i literally had energy throughout the whole day until 8pm and the best part was no crash. good clean non-jittery energy

    Stamina: 10/10 this sh** makes you stay on the treadmill for as long as possible and when u get off, u wanna get back on. like i mentioned on my first few doses(on only one pill), i felt like pickin a fight with the guy next to me on the treadmill. all i imagined while running was myself stranded in a desert in a race to the death with 10 other guys. this stuff makes u feel like forest gump runnin across the US but more aggressive.

    Fatloss: 9/10 i dont expect anything like clen but this surely beats ephedra any day. after the first week i dropped 2 lbs and leaned out more around my whole body. veins were shootin out different places and luv handles were def shrinking. went down a size in pants after the cycle and this was with eatin kinda trashy during the last week and still trying to build muscle so coulda easily lost more if wanted but i am extremely happy with this. luv handles are one of my main hard places to lose fat and this did it.

    hunger control: 10/10 if u have problems eating, this will fix it. i had some problems eating at night and had a hard time preventing myself from hittin the fridge after a meal but Oxy fixed that. i cant eat how i used to at all like i cant even finish a meal. after i had my post protein shake, i didnt even wanna look at food or anything.

    Sides: 10/10 no sides at all except when i jumped to 3 pills during last week, the crash started to come but it came during the night when i wanted to sleep so perfect timing.

    Overall: 9.7/10 this is an honest opinion, this is my current favorite fat burner and bought 2 more bottles last week. the feeling and this euphoric rage it gives you is amazing. ephedra doesnt even hit me like this stuff does. its doesnt give u a jittery feeling but a drive that makes u wanna train for a marathon and just keep going which i luv so much. im one of those people that dont really get used to cardio and just get bored but with this, time flies and the legs just keep moving. if your looking for a new fatloss/energy supp, look no further cuz Lecheek snapped with this product.
  9. 5/5

    Energy:10/10 I've been taking this for a couple weeks now only taking 1 pill every morning between 4-4:30am. The energy is clean without any jitters and last all day. I workout at 5am and literally I've been having to force myself to leave because I'm still full of energy.

    Appetite Suppression:10/10 This is by far the best product I've taken that really stops hunger. I get no cravings and can't even eat much if I tried. I had a cheat meal last Saturday, I ate a loaded baked potato with chopped beef and struggled to eat half. Before this I would have eaten the whole potato as well as a chopped beef sandwich to go with it. I have to admit this stuff is amazing.

    Sides: None to report

    Overall: 10/10 I was planning on adding a second dose around noon but so far I'm enjoying the results and will continue with one pill a day. I haven't weighed myself as I'm only going by the mirror but I can already see a nice change in fat loss.


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