Testodrol X9 (30 servings)
Testodrol X9 (30 servings)


Lecheek Nutrition

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Testodrol X9 (30 servings)

  1. 4/5

    I was giving the chance to log this and try for free but will still give a honest review good or bad.

    Ok TX9 has some good ingredients in it, but I think they are underdosed.

    Here is a run down of those.

    TestoDROL X9 Blend 1,778mg *
    Serving Size - 4 capsules
    120 capsules per container
    D-Aspartic Acid, Mucuna Pruriens (std. 20% LDopa),
    Horny Goat Weed (std. 10% Icariin), Indole-
    3-Carbinole, Testofen, Bulbine natalensis,
    3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran, Zinc Methionine,
    Boron Gluconate

    Its hard to say what is what on this stuff, how much they have of what product in each but there it is.

    Taste 3.5
    Ok WTF? They are a pill right? Yes they are but Let me say this, at the beginning they did not bother me, but after upping the dose to 8 pills a day ( 4 am and 4 pm ) they would start to kinda choke me, not sure if it was the smell off these or what , But I could start to have a after taste when taking them this way. After dropping them back down to 4 am they didnt bother as bad. But for some reason they was just harder to take? Maybe im just a wuss? lol. But anyway That is my thoughts. I never had one break on stuff on the pills ( thank goodness ).

    Effectiveness 4

    Ok this is no miracle pill by any means. I think they are better stuff out although this is only my 2nd test booster ( first being DAA ) so I dont have much to judge by. But I did get a lot more vascularity and gained some strength on this . I never have been good with my diet some I will say that I could have had much bette results than normal but Im in the process of moving and planning a wedding and everything in between so my diet plan was just not on the table as this time. So I cant really blame the pills for my failure. I will say that I trully think that if someone took this at 4 pills a day and ran it 6 to 8 weeks they would have some really good results.I did gain some size in chest and shoulders and arms.

    Recovery 5

    Ok I think this maybe the best part of this stuff. For some reason I was always ready to hit the gym no matter how hard I went . yes I would be sore but I still felt strong. I never got that alpha feeling I had with DAA but was always in a good mood. I could do a set and then 1 to 2 mins later be ready to go again. I try to keep my rest low anyway so this was a good thing. I did only take this ( no creatine or anything while on this to help judge this better ) So I know it was the TX9 helping with this. Like I said No matter how hard I went . I would be stiff but not misserable.

    Sides 2

    Ok I did have some libido issues. At first it was all good. Then after upping the dose I starting have libido issues. Just was not in the mood. Hard to explain. But when I dropped back to the normal dose back to normal.. I feel that when I did this my estroghen raised up as well and caused these issues. I did get acne in some weird places as well. ( ears and arms ) ?

    Value 3.5 (If ran as a solo product.)

    Ok for me yes it was a 10. I got it for free. Although at the suggested price from lecheek I would not pay that much. 59 bucks per bottle. I think I would drop that money on some stak or something else. So that being said I would say it could be better.

    Overall. 4

    So lets see , I got more veiny, Gained some strength and had good recovery. All in all I think this stuff does work. Although I think If they changed a few things in their ingredients it would be really great. I gained half inch on my arms. I broke a PR on my deadlift. I gained about 2 inches on my chest. And did not go up or down on my waist. So I think that would be some good results. I will say that I would like to see someone try this that is really dialed in on their diet to see what they would yeild from it too.

    I would like to thank lecheek for the chance to log this and be the first to review this too.

  2. sides 2:

    i know exactly what u mean about libido.A few things I have taken done the same.if i had to get down i cold,but more often that not,wasnt in the mood,just didnt care to be honest,lol...

    overall good review.I have looked at this product a few times.A slo has exactly everything needed ingredient wise.under dosed or not??i have no idea.But I am curious now

  3. Yea I think its just a bit underdosed, it has the right stuff and at first it feels like it will work good but never really peaks on any point to be honest. I have heard the new stuff they have came out with though really is legit though. Im hoping to land a log on one of those soon.
    Here is my loghttp://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/216779-bigguy-vs-wilpit.htmlhttp://supplementreviews.com/users/mhseaver670/reviews

  4. def has all the right stuff..I dont know if weight has anything to do with it,but your a big Mutha FCKR,lol...so maybe for your size higher doses is necessary.

    Also IMO with any natty test booster,you can never expect to much.if you expierienced anything even if its something minimal,thats a good thing man.

  5. Yea thats true. I wonder sometimes with these companies base thier products lines on a certain body weight? If so What weight? Im 250 so what is working on a 200lb guy might not work on me? You see what I mean?
    Here is my loghttp://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/216779-bigguy-vs-wilpit.htmlhttp://supplementreviews.com/users/mhseaver670/reviews

  6. When I used this I saw solid strength gains, which was surprising. As with all natty tboosters I didn't expect too much. Was pleasantly surprised.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  7. bigg i get u 100%,but idk how that goes..if u are curious start a thread on the supp board,u will be guaranteed to get answers. I have to say i love it it here at Am.ppl are cool,helpful and very smart with this supplementing **** lol
  8. 4/5

    Testodrol X9: 8/10 - definitely a solid product that works and works well. I like the range of ingredients in this product so that it works in a variety of ways (no single ingredient has 100% responders!), but I'm not positive that it works for my any better than DAA on its own, but anyone who doesn't respond well to DAA, or those that want a break from plain ol DAA would do very well with Testodrol X9


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