GlycoMyx (908 Grams)
GlycoMyx (908 Grams)


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GlycoMyx (908 Grams)

  1. 5 out of 5 rating for GlycoMyx (908 Grams)

    Smell: 10/10. No chemical smell at all. Smell to me like rich whole wheat, small earthy smell very pleasurable to smell.

    Mix-ability: 8.5-9/10. Shaker cup in 12-15 oz with different types of liquid like: Water, juice, milk, etc I found that is was a little bit grainy in the cup depending on the density of the liquid. Next I did the blender and its by bar far the best mixing tool! More info on that in a little bit!

    Taste: 8/10. It's unique & everyone will have a slight taste difference to them, but for the most part I noticed a rich wheat flavor which did take some time to get used to it. The flavor really does grow on you over time.

    Density In Liquid. 7.2-10/10. Stuff does get thick pretty quick when using a shaker cup, I did play around alot with different types of liquid & oz, but it just got thick, not a bad thickness just that some time its crazy lol. Now for the blender part that is your best bet or shall I say tool to use, when using the blender for 30sec on high with 10-15oz of your favorite liquid it was not thick in fact is was really smooth & can actual be left in the fridge!!! PS. If you use a shaker cup do not get the idea to put in the fridge it will come out like your pouring concrete lol!

    Pumps, Endurance & Overall performance: 10/10. It did take some time for it to kick in for me, but when it did pumps where sick, muscles were full for most of the day, but my favorite aspect on this was the cardio endurance it gave me was amazing & played a big role! It help me get 10% farther then I could normally do, was not as tired either. I did does pre, post, with meals without and to me all of them options work, but you may find something better as dosing like pre-workout does works better for you.

    Value: 8/10. I fell 18 servings is a good amount, but if wanted to run for a month @ 2 scoops a day you would need 3 tubs. I just wish it have at-least 30 serves +. You still cant go wrong with the value on this products.

    Overall Rating from me 9.2. This is a excellent carb product, great fibers & high anti oxidant, not to mention its ALL natural.! The purple sweet potato is bad A$$. This is the best carb option out I do believe.
  2. 5/5

    GlycoMyx Review:

    Taste: Having used a ton of ground oats in the past I found their taste/texture/mouth feel very apparent upon the use of this in any shake. Personally I never disliked this and actually tend to find it adds nice subtle additions to most shakes. Those same attributes can be found in GlycoMyx as well as an additional taste that is hard to describe for me. Overall it isn't a bad taste and not overpowering. If the shake has a strong enough base (protein powder, etc) it easily overpowers the taste of GlycoMyx. I mixed this stuff with tons of different flavors and found vanilla proteins did the least in terms of overpowering GlycoMyx, but I found XF CR to be incredible with this stuff.

    Texture: As noted above there is an additional texture when using this in a shake. Personally I like my shakes to have a good thickness and consistency so I found this a bonus. I did note that I had to use more water than usual for any shake with even a half a scoop or it could get really thick and a little hard to mix. Even just a little extra water alleviated this issue making it not much of a factor other than keeping me even more hydrated.

    -Satiety: I found this to be a very effective meal replacement addition. Most of my shakes have decent amount of fats and protein but getting in some quality CHO on the run can be hard with my busy schedule. Tossing some Glyco in there was easy and efficient. Felt it held me over pretty easily and actually sat in my stomach and made me feel full very effectively compared to most shakes.

    -Fullness/Vascularity: This one was probably the most surprising. I am not CHO phobic and don't lack CHO around training so I know how most effect me in terms of vascularity and pump, but this stuff surprised me. One of my most common combos was XF CR + 1/2 serving GlycoMyx + Milk about 1-2 hours pre depending on the day. This stuff added an additional benefit in terms of muscle fullness and vascularity. I experimented and tried the same exact amount of CHO in just plain oatmeal instead of GlycoMyx with the same exact meal and noted a lower level of fullness/vascularity. Honestly couldn't believe this, but couldn't discount it after several trials like this. Also noted increased vascularity post-workout when this was added to my post-workout shakes. Kinda crazy to be honest.

    -Endurance/Recovery: Noted some increases here, but didn't notice anything over and above what most CHO dosed in the same fashion typically result in for myself.

    Like with my protein I prefer to eat it rather than supplement a powder into my diet, but I will still pick more of this up in the future. Will use mostly as a MRP addition and to add to pre and post-workout dosings as I see fit. Nothing crazy (other than the noted veins that pop when dosing this for me), but it is a CHO source so expectations weren't very high. Cost is not cheap, but I tend to buy more expensive proteins and use sparingly and that is exactly how I will look at GlycoMyx in the future. Quality CHO source that may have health benefits and is not just empty additional calories IMO, and recommend if looking to add a powdered CHO source to your diet.
  3. 5/5


    Well I am just about out of glycomyx and I feel comfortable giving my final review on this unique product.

    Lets start with taste and drinkability

    Glycomyx mixed solely with water, milk, coconut milk, or almond milk all pretty much tasted the same to me. Glycomyx has a slightly earthy taste and has a hint of sweet potato which would make sense because that is one of the main ingredients. If you are having glycomyx by itself then pound it down with water. It is much easier to drink this way because the consistency.


    Taking it pre workout yielded an expected amount of energy. I love training fasted and while using glycomyx pre workout was enjoyable, I do not believe I will be switching from my fasted routine. For others who need something in the tank, this would be the way to go.

    Post-workout and meal replacement are where it shined for me. I loved mixing it up with protein powder, olive oil, yoghurt and whatever else I could think of because its flavor does not over power any other ingredients. I would feel full, satisfied and still relatively light on my stomach.


    I have a horrible digestive system. Carbs, gluten, herbs, spices, really anything can cause me trouble. This is the main selling point for me about glycomyx. Having an easily accessible, healthy, gluten free carb source is a game changer for me I believe. I have tried to do an all out bulk a couple years in a row and each of them have ended with me getting violently ill for a couple weeks hindering the progress I had made. I am looking forward to supplementing my diet with glycomyx in order to steadily gain weight and do it the healthy way.


    Whats not to love. Introductory sales were crazy and the price point is still great for what you are getting. I view this as a health supplement as much as a bodybuilding/athlete one. I will definitely be putting another tub in my cart when I do my next order.

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